7/10 Game-a-thon: The Evil Within

The-Evil-Within.jpgMikami is a name that holds a lot of meaning and weight to me, as a Resident Evil fan it was Shinji Mikami that brought the genre from the obscure into the mainstream – he created a game that was as terrifying as it was well designed and sublimely programmed. A genre-defining game that was one of the best games of the era. Continue reading


Frightfest 2017: Scary Soundtrack #5


Two years ago (I seriously thought it was only last year) I ran a short series during Frightfest that looked at the music behind the scares – Scary Soundtracks – and it was actually a very popular little series! I have no clue why I didn’t continue it last year!

Regardless it is back this year and I do have a couple of doozies for you to get into your earholes! Before you dive in there and hit play like some sort of chump; here’s a refresher course on how to achieve maximum brown trouser coverage:

  1. turn off the lights
  2. headphones on
  3. close your eyes and sit back
  4. be terrified

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Hallowe’ek Horror: Forgotten horror games.


This is it guys; the last of week of October! Hallowe’en is in a mere three days! Throughout this month we have been posting one horror article a week, but this week we will be posting two! You lucky devils, getting spoiled again.

We’re calling it ‘Hallowe’ek Horror’…see what we did there?

Todays post is all about celebrating those horror games that don’t get the same recognition as the ‘Resident Evils’, ‘Silent Hills’ and other world famous examples of the genre…many of these games are every bit as good as their more famous siblings, many are even more impressive. Here’s just a small selection of my favourites.

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