My Favourite Runs from ESA 2017

ESA 2017.pngWell, I’m still catching up but I am getting there!

A few weeks ago now the ESA occurred. For those who are not in the know, the ESA is the European Speedrunners Assembly and it is; unsurprisingly, a speedrunning marathon that heavily features the best of the European crop of speedrunners. It’s slowly gaining momentum and traction on Twitch and this marathon was its best yet (don’t get me wrong though, it still has a long way to go to truly rival GDQ).

This year was a damn good marathon with a lot of games and categories that GDQ just don’t feature.

Unfortunately they are also severely unbudgeted and as a result their upload time to YouTube is incredibly slow – right now (10th August), there are only 40 videos to watch of the speedruns. So rather than this being a definitive “BEST OF” this is a “best of” of what’s there. Maybe in a month I’ll revisit this post and update it accordingly! Continue reading


2016: A (Gaming) Year in Review Part 4

And we have come to the final quarter of 2016 (catch up with part 1, part 2 and part 3) – silly season, the winter games rush, the “why do they do this every year?” period.

Whatever you call it October-December is absolutely mental for games releases and that means that I am going to be cherry picking releases from each month rather than attempting to talk about them all.

Here are SOME of what was released during funny season (and why this period is killing the industry) Continue reading

My Christmas Games 2016


Every year I make sure that I have kept a game or two to play through my two weeks off over Christmas – every year I do the same thing, buy too many games and struggle to fit them all into my schedule then eventually get round to them over the holidays.

This year is absolutely no different and I have a few games that I am going to be playing – before I begin with my list though, it is important to add that I have asked MrsLuvva for ‘Watch_Dogs 2’ and as we speak there is a very “blu ray” shaped present under the tree; so I’m not going to be adding that to the list, because it could very well be something that’s not ‘Watch_dogs’!

No, the purpose of this post is to tell you the games I’m going to tackle of my backlog and have a bloody great Christmas of gaming!

Without further ado, here’s the games that will be taking up my Christmas holiday. Continue reading

The Christmas games rush is killing the industry!


Every year is the same; there are little to no games released in July/August and come mid-October the excrement hits the fan and, seemingly, every week has 3/4 blockbusters released. Commonly this time of year is called the “Christmas Games Rush” and it has been a fixture of the industry since the dawn of time.

The games rush exists for one thing and one thing only; to capitalise on the holiday season and to eek out a few more sales. As a business decision it makes perfect sense; people are willing to spend more money around October to December as financial reports will attest – so releasing games in that period WILL see bigger profits. Right?

Well; if this year is anything to go by, no. No it’s not. The winter games rush brings with it several massive problems for the industry that, should they go unchanged for much longer, it will destroy it! Continue reading

Games to look forward to in 2015! Part 1

Now that we have finished looking back, it is time to look forward.


The release schedule for 2015 is chock-a-bloc with titles – from little indie gems to AAA behemoths there is literally something for everyone! In some sections of the gaming media they are already heralding 2015 as; potentially,  one of the best years for gaming – and now that many developers are leaving the previous gen behind, it’s getting more difficult to disagree with them!

I have however become quite cynical about games after witnessing so many broken launches last year that I have not pre-ordered a single title (but that’s a blog post for a different day) but the hype train has passed through my area…

…here’s a little list (with trailers videos where available) of the games that I will be giving a little tickle – and the games you should be trying – over the next 12 months.

With a burgeoning release schedule there are simply far too many games coming out this year to adequately cover in one post – so this will be a series of 2 – with a third comprising games that I feel won’t see daylight in 2015.

Enjoy the next few posts guys!

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Fracturing your user-base…is this really good for business?



This summer has been one of many surprises Microsoft announced and released a new Xbox One-sans-Kinect and now Nintendo have announced the ‘New’ 3DS. Both these SKU’s claim to have a power boost that’ll make better games possible and both garnered a lot of media coverage on the internet.

My question is though, are these new SKU’s really good for business? Is fracturing your install-base really a good move?

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A Quick History Of Third Party Exclusives…


Well Gamescom was quite the show wasn’t it? Undoubtedly the biggest controversy was the reveal that Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed-Xbox exclusive. The internet exploded into a fan-boy rage with people shouting “BOYCOTT” at the top of their lungs (from atop their soapboxes). I’ll admit i was angry with the reveal, but the news that followed softened the blow, i’ll play it on my 360 (cross generation games in 2015? maybe i was right with this blog post). It got me wondering though…this cannot be the first time this has happened…and I was right.

So buckle yourself in as we look through the history of third-party exclusives; some of these may shock you…some won’t.

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