Bolstering My Retro Collection: Dreamcast Bargains Pt. 1

As regular readers may be aware, I rescued my Dreamcast from my mum’s attic, this led me down a very dangerous path…

…game chasing.

Let me paint you the scene, you find a beloved old console and you plug it in, it works. You pop in a disc it also works and you have a lot of fun. Sometimes, that game you loved, doesn’t work – so you go to replace it. It ain’t cheap. On your search for a cheap/reasonable priced version of that game you find a whole host of other games for the console that you always wanted but never bought.

All of a sudden you have a massive list of games that you want – this is what happened me this summer! I have bolstered my Dreamcast Collection, but on the path of danger I have found some bonafide bargains.

Unfortunately we have no retro gaming stores in Northern Ireland so eBay was my only hope – here’s what I’ve got (all prices include P&P)! Please keep in mind that I am collecting these games in order to play them, the discs in working order is all I really care about!  Continue reading


Lets Play…Old Games! Part 6

The past week has been a hive of activity, we’ve traveled back through the ages of videogames and looked for the best games that have been forgotten, or just get less recognition than the true classics. We’ve reached the end of our journey and now the time has come for us to pick our 5 favourite games of this series. If you haven’t read the series then please do… here are handy links so you can peruse our views of gaming past…

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A few ground rules,first only one game a generation is permitted, second because a game is number 1 on our list doesn’t mean it was our favourite, merely that it was the best game on that list; finally this is a purely subjective look at these games, our favourites…if you disagree please tell us your top 5 in the comments below.

Without any further ado may we introduce to you our favourite forgotten gems through the SEGA backwards(ages)…

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