Weird Game Pricings

….it never works out 1 to 1 does it?


Here in the UK we are used to getting slightly ripped off for new game prices – especially in the digital space. When a digital only game releases over here and it’s going to be $20 that usually equates to an almost guarantee that it will be £15 or £15.99 on the UK store. Sometimes though, things happen that go a step further into the bizarre. Continue reading


Arena-Brawlers Making A Comeback?

….fast, frantic – don’t forget your brain!


Next Friday (21st April) marks the release date of Ready At Dawns new game – Deformers. An arena brawler in which you control a form in a small map environment where the goal is to throw your opponents of the ledges or beat them to smitherins. These types of games have been few and far in between in recent years after years of domination in games such as Twisted Metal, Quake and Unreal Tournament. However, Deformers isn’t the only one going for this target market. Continue reading

Deformers Beta Information

…can you fly bobby?


No, no no, this is not an April fools! Ready At Dawns new game is getting an open Steam beta this weekend! This isn’t what you are probably expecting from Ready at Dawn after the dark and gritty game that was “The Order 1886.” They have replaced the rough looking men and werewolves for…. fluffy fat animals? Continue reading

Gaming Tastes

…and how to satisfy them.


Just like a pick-n-mix, got to filter through the fillers!

Growing up, I was a sucker for the big experience. Games like Diablo, Neverwinter Nights, Ultima Online and World of Warcraft were the staples of my gaming habits from around 8 years old up until I was in my late teens. However, these days – although I still love the genres – I can never quite pull the trigger on these types of game purchases. But why? Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #34

To kick things off, let me apologise for the lack of luv last week (both with a luv-in and post count)! I have started a new job and time is even more stretched than usual; but I have gotten more organised with my posts and that problem should not raise it’s ugly head anymore (inb4 it does).

This week though, in my downtime I have still been reading a lot of your stuff and here are my picks for the best of the week. As always please click each link and support each of these amazing bloggers and give them the support they deserve. Continue reading

How should we define “value” when it comes to gaming?

the order

Damn you fine; but you’re too short for me

We are just around the corner from the biggest launch of 2015 so far; ‘The Order: 1886’. Sony has placed a massive emphasis on the marketing of this title and once again a developer has gone and put his foot in it.

Amid claims; made by a YouTuber, that the game can be beaten in less than six hours Ready at Dawn responded by saying that we should be worried about “quality, not quantity”. The reason that this has kicked up so much controversy is because Ready at Dawn also came out and knocked down the claims saying that it was a lie – then backtracked and stated that it is possible to beat the game in 6 hours but only if you ignore the story and race through the game as quickly as possible – they intend their game to last 8-10 hours.

Hardly epic proportions there. It got me thinking about how I value the games I buy, what is it that makes me think “yeah; I’ll get my moneys worth here! Have my £40-£50”?

I am one of those people who used to use the classic ‘how many hours can I get out of this game?’ type of value. Recently however I have found this simple system to be flawed.

Continue reading