MrLuvva’s Luv-in #23

Upon this, the 23rd(!) in the series, I have decided to create another, slight change to the established formula. Now that I write a weekly article for The Gaming Ground I will link you to that before I get into my reading list of articles you guys have been writing.

Another cool feature that I’d love to see is you guys linking us to articles you have enjoyed in the comments – let’s turn this luv-in into a global endeavour!

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Lets Play…Old Games! Part Four



9/9/99 – the date that changed gaming forever. The birth of the Dreamcast and the birth of Generation 6!

This was when shit started getting real; and by real I mean casulties, this console war gave us our first fatality…poor SEGA ceased to be a hardware creator and became a machine for pumping out average titles!

As a SEGA kid this was a blow I thought i would never recover from, but the Dreamcast is one of the greatest¬†consoles of all time. SEGA went out and left us with a wealth of gaming gold that will never be replicated…the gaming landscape was inexorably changed during this generation.

What classics are oft-forgotten I hear you scream at the top of your lungs… simmer down kids…i’m ’bout to lay down that knowledge.

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Yesterday was our best day ever!

Let us start with a massive thank you to those who have visited this lowly blog; a gigantic thank you to any repeat visitors; we’re glad to make it into your web rotation (we all have one!)!

To celebrate our best day ever (1,007 unique’s! Unbelievable!) we¬†decided to throw together a very quick bonus post that’ll raise a smile!


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