What do the changes to PS Plus mean for Sony?

PS-PlusSony dropped two bombshells last week; firstly, Bloodborne will be on PlayStation Plus in March and secondly that PlayStation 3 & VITA games will be dropped from the program in March 2019.

That news has split the community right down the middle and it has created several conspiracy theories as to why Sony would announce it a YEAR in advance. That’s not what games companies do – they are meant to announced something as a reaction to some outside stimulus and announce it as late as humanly possible.

The fact that they have broken the mold suggests that they have something else in the pipeline; presumably to be announced at E3 or possibly closer to March ’19.

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Famous console malfunctions -Part 2

MALFUNCTIONLast Thursday I looked at the two biggest hardware malfunctions in gaming – but they weren’t alone; far from it! Every major console manufacturer has had issues that somehow sneaked past QA and made it into the public domain.

The issues here are far less serious than those in Part One; in fact it is completely possible that you never knew these issues existed because you probably never experienced them. I can assure you that there were/are a very real thing!

Here we are then, three more console malfunctions of varying severity.

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MrLuvva’s Luv-In #50

It’s been another month gap between this and the last luv-in! I’m totally sorry about that guys; life has been getting the way recently and i’m finding it difficult to spend time writing. It’s shite, but that’s life – when you have a little free time and a family every spare minute is spent with them!

But it’s back now! Let’s make sure that there is not another month gap! Lets keep up that writing quality and I’ll keep linking! As always if you have read a good post this week link us to it in the comment section!

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7/10 Game-A-Thon: Murasaki Baby

Another forgotten category is making it’s triumphant return to the blog! In my first 7/10 Game-a-thon review in almost exactly a year! Expect more of these categories to make a comeback, it’ll help keep our content fresh! You’re welcome!

murasaki baby

‘Murasaki Baby’ follows the story of a little girl known only as “Baby” and you are tasked with guiding her through a nightmarish landscape full of spikes, tentacled creatures and other children who will all pop her balloon at a moments notice. You are not in direct control of Baby however, you use the touch screen to take her hand and guide her through the levels! Continue reading

Olli Olli 2 – Welcome to Olliwood Review

Two years ago I purchased a Playstation VITA and one of the first games I fell in love with on the system came from a little known developer called Olli Olli. It was an incredibly simple concept a high score based, side-scrolling skateboarding game with sublime animation,  tight nuanced controls and an addictive core.

Olli Olli was one of my favourite games of 2014 and narrowly missed out on my GOTY that year! It will surprise no-one to learn that when its sequel was released in January last year for free on PS Plus I was first in line to download my copy.


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The BIG News from the Tokyo Game Show: Sony


A news article is not something that we do here at Luvva Towers but, well; the Tokyo game show is happening right now (at least for the press) and there has already been a massive deluge of information and news from Sony as they go large against Microsoft’s strong summer shows performance.

As-per-usual Luvva is here to collate this information, summarise it and even link you to videos of the games! Nobody love ya like I do. Keep in mind this is not all the news, just the items that I am most excited for!

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7/10 Game-a-thon: Hotline Miami (PC/PS4/Vita)

That time has come again, time to raid the (growing in length) backlog and review a game that I should have when this blog was but a baby. The game today has just seen its sequel release to universally middling reviews – but this is considered a bona fide classic.


‘Hotline Miami’ launched with little fanfare but quickly made its fans with its tight top-down gameplay and 1980s inspired soundtrack; but what did I think of it?

Is it worth digging out? Or should it be left in the 80s alongside bouffant hair and massive shoulder pads?

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