My Favourite Runs from ESA 2017

ESA 2017.pngWell, I’m still catching up but I am getting there!

A few weeks ago now the ESA occurred. For those who are not in the know, the ESA is the European Speedrunners Assembly and it is; unsurprisingly, a speedrunning marathon that heavily features the best of the European crop of speedrunners. It’s slowly gaining momentum and traction on Twitch and this marathon was its best yet (don’t get me wrong though, it still has a long way to go to truly rival GDQ).

This year was a damn good marathon with a lot of games and categories that GDQ just don’t feature.

Unfortunately they are also severely unbudgeted and as a result their upload time to YouTube is incredibly slow – right now (10th August), there are only 40 videos to watch of the speedruns. So rather than this being a definitive “BEST OF” this is a “best of” of what’s there. Maybe in a month I’ll revisit this post and update it accordingly! Continue reading


Mirrors Edge Catalyst BETA Thoughts

One of my favourite games of last generation is finally getting a sequel. When EA unveiled the teaser trailer for ‘Mirrors Edge Catalyst’ last E3 I became an excited quivering mess and I’m not embarrassed about who knows that! At all.

When they announced that there would be a closed BETA for it though, I instantly signed up for it and hoped to get selected. Last week was quite unpleasant for me, the BETA began and I had received no email. I feared the worst and was hugely disappointed – especially in the wake of the delay announcement – how was I going to wait until June?

Slowly but surely I came to terms with my snub and got on with my life….

….then, on the Saturday, my code arrived in my inbox. I was elated – question is though is the game worth (free) running to, or should you (free) run away from it? Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #33

I apologise for the delay in this post going live, life got in the way! Life always finds a way (to make me late). Anyway back on topic! 2016 has arrived and with it comes the first luv-in!

Let’s start 2016 with a bang though folks, lets support all of these fine posts by clicking on their titles and giving them a read! You may find your new favourite blog (after this one of course).

As always, if you have read something that you think deserves more recognition, then please post it in the comments! I always appreciate new and interesting blogs.  Continue reading

Anticipated games that will miss 2015!

You know the score, games get announced, games get delayed and others; well they get canned!

This is a metaphor! Imagine the man is a game. Now imagine the bus is 2015. HIGH BROW SHIT!

As you’ve probably noticed (in our games list posts here and here) 2015 is shaping up to be an absolutely outstanding year for us gamers! It is also shaping up to be an incredibly busy year with major releases; seemingly, every month! It’s inevitable that developers will miss their release date due to unforeseen problems, technical hitches and not wanting to go up against ‘Call of Duty’ in November.

Here’s three games we think will miss the year – with a handy explanation of why we picked them!

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What we want to see at Gamescom


We are now into the fifth year of Gamescom and it has grown into a proper rival for e3; some in the ‘biz’ have stated that they feel that Gamescom will become THE premier games event on the planet in 5 years. Praise indeed.

We have no idea what the developers have in store for us this year; but we do know what we’d love to see occur this week in Köln, here’s just a sample of what we want to see. Come on dev’s do NOT let us down here.

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