Things I Miss In Gaming: Part 1

I remember being a kid everything was exciting, there were no worries or issues (although weirdly I used to lose sleep worrying that people would die) and everything was fun. Being a kid was amazing – I used to do whatever I wanted, when I wanted (well when I was allowed to).

As I’ve gotten older though my life has slowed down; as a teenager I got bogged down by GCSEs and the pressure of doing well in school. In my later teens work got in the way of fun and now that I am an adult, with a child – fun has definitely fallen down the pecking order of priorities.

Why am I giving you the history of luvva lesson? Well games have followed the same trajectory! In the early (ish) days they were all about fun and as they’ve gotten older the pressure of making money has taken over from that and they have become much more subdued (read as mature).

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TMNT: A Gaming Retrospective

We got one hell of a bombshell yesterday; the Australian ratings board gave ‘Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan’ a ‘M’ rating.

“What the hell is Mutants in Manhattan?” I hear you cry!

Well dear readers, it is the new TMNT game being developed by Platinum Games. This is an incredibly exciting piece of news!

As a kid I was a massive TMNT fan (wasn’t everybody?!)! I played numerous video games featuring them and I owned a mountain of (legit and illegitimate) turtles action figures. I could not get enough of those dudes with tudes!


As an adult I am a massive Platinum Games fan! They have never made a bad game (Legend of Korra notwithstanding); their recent output has been excellent and includes Bayonetta 2 and Transformers Devastation. I cannot be more excited to play a new TMNT game; especially that it has the potential to be excellent!

It got me thinking though, TMNT have featured in a huge amount of games and I have played more than my fair share of them. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and do mini-reviews for the titles that I have played.

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My favourite gaming Christmas Memory by MrLuvvaLuvva

My favourite gaming memory comes from the Christmas of 1995.

1995 the year that the world was introduced to a cowboy who befriended a spaceman, Brad Pitt found his wife’s head in a box (SPOILER!) and we found out that the thing Batman was missing was Batnipples!

It was a glorious year and as an avid SEGA gamer (growing up on a steady diet of Master System and MegaDrive games) there was only one gift I wanted from the fatman, a SEGA Saturn! It was literally the only gift I asked for that year.


Dear Santa…I NEED a Saturn…that is all!

Sega Saturn Box

This is what I wanted to see come December 25th

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Games that use Christmas properly


It is a week until Christmas Day and I am super excited! I hope you are too because from now until the big day (and beyond) it’s gonna be nothing but Christmas posts! What’s mega-exciting is this is my first post on the subject (MrJohnSherry has been holding down the Christmas fort and doing a sterling job too!) and it is sure to be a doosey.

Here we are then – it’s cold outside, it gets dark early and there is a distinctly Christmassy feeling all around – the humble Christmas setting is a powerfully evocative one! So what games really encapsulate that feeling? Or what games utilises the setting in a particularly good way?

Lets find out together…

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My great gaming journey…

gen 6

Over the past few weeks there have been many a blog post and articles about why people game.

There always seem to be controversy each and every week when it comes to gaming. If it isn’t a politician or prominent ‘celeb’ condemning gaming for raising violent psychopaths; then it is a sexism storm like the recent ‘gamer-gate’.

We at MrLuvvaLuvva love gaming and we want to celebrate it in anyway we can. So follow me through my gaming life; and why I still find time to lose myself in unique and immersive worlds.

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A Quick History Of Third Party Exclusives…


Well Gamescom was quite the show wasn’t it? Undoubtedly the biggest controversy was the reveal that Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed-Xbox exclusive. The internet exploded into a fan-boy rage with people shouting “BOYCOTT” at the top of their lungs (from atop their soapboxes). I’ll admit i was angry with the reveal, but the news that followed softened the blow, i’ll play it on my 360 (cross generation games in 2015? maybe i was right with this blog post). It got me wondering though…this cannot be the first time this has happened…and I was right.

So buckle yourself in as we look through the history of third-party exclusives; some of these may shock you…some won’t.

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Lets Play…Old Games! Part 6

The past week has been a hive of activity, we’ve traveled back through the ages of videogames and looked for the best games that have been forgotten, or just get less recognition than the true classics. We’ve reached the end of our journey and now the time has come for us to pick our 5 favourite games of this series. If you haven’t read the series then please do… here are handy links so you can peruse our views of gaming past…

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A few ground rules,first only one game a generation is permitted, second because a game is number 1 on our list doesn’t mean it was our favourite, merely that it was the best game on that list; finally this is a purely subjective look at these games, our favourites…if you disagree please tell us your top 5 in the comments below.

Without any further ado may we introduce to you our favourite forgotten gems through the SEGA backwards(ages)…

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