Backlog Blitz: April 2017 

It’s May now (Justin Timberlake was over the moon about that) and that means that my monthly update on how I’m getting on, working through my backlog.

4 months into my experiment and I have to say that April was far kinder to me than March was and I nearly doubled my completion tally! For those who aren’t regular readers here’s the links to the previous monthly updates January, February and March. Continue reading


Sly Cooper: An Appreciation

Sly Cooper Gang.pngRecently I wrote an article about games that I hated as a kid but would greatly enjoy now (it can be found here) and it inspired me. During the recent “Only on PlayStation” sale there were hundreds of top titles (and some lower-tier ones too) that could be acquired for next to nothing. Continue reading

My Favourite runs of Awesome Games Done Quick 2017: Part 2


On Tuesday when I was taking a look at my favourite runs of AGDQ 2017 – it quickly became apparent that I had far too many for one post.

After putting up with a few webpage crashes upon loading the page, I decided to split the posts into two. This decision is actually beneficial for you dear reader; let me explain why! You have had two days to watch the great runs I linked you to on Tuesday and now you’re hungry for more!

Well. Here’s seconds… Continue reading

The Best Runs From SGDQ 2016!

Well Summer Games Done Quick ended late on Sunday afternoon and it was one hell of an event this year!


If you are not aware of what SGDQ is – its a week long marathon of speedrunners absolutely destroying your favourite games all in the name of charity! This year they supported Doctors Without Borders and they raised a grand total of $1.3 million.

As I said above, the event is a week long one and it is non-stop. While that is awesome for those nights you cannot sleep; it means that it is impossible to watch every minute of it. That is where we come in; here is my choice for the best runs of the week.

In the list that follows we have some runs that highlight the extreme skill of these guys, some that show exploits and some that show sheer personality of the runner and their team! I hope you enjoy these runs as much as I did…

… but I’m going to leave the floor open at the end, if I have missed your favourite run from the week then please link us to it in the comments. Continue reading