My turn! Your Turn! My Turn!

…where did they all go?


This artwork is amazing btw!

This week marks the release of a game that I have been particularly looking forward to for a wee while. No, not Fifa 17 – XCom 2. Not that I am a huge fan of the series in particular – in fact I found the first one hard as nails and according to all reports this is even harder! No, I love these types of games! Continue reading


Frightfest 2015: Scary Soundtrack #3


The march towards hallowe’en continues dear readers and so does my journey through some of the most terrifying game soundtracks. Today’s track is a special one – from the lost time of 2002, came a horror game so unique – it changed everything.

Well it didn’t really, but it should have!

‘Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem’ was an outstandingly good horror game from Silicon Knights and it melded the old with the new; especially when it came to its scares. Although it wasn’t a straight up horror game there were enough scares in here to qualify it as one. However, gone were the jump scares that were the genre staple before (and subsequently) and in their place was a level of tension and dread that have only been equaled on very few occasions.

As always:

  1. turn off the lights
  2. headphones on
  3. close your eyes and sit back
  4. be terrified

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MrLuvva’s Luv-in #23

Upon this, the 23rd(!) in the series, I have decided to create another, slight change to the established formula. Now that I write a weekly article for The Gaming Ground I will link you to that before I get into my reading list of articles you guys have been writing.

Another cool feature that I’d love to see is you guys linking us to articles you have enjoyed in the comments – let’s turn this luv-in into a global endeavour!

This week I have written my thoughts on the recently finished Star Wars BETA over on The Gaming Ground – so please check it out! Continue reading

Resident Evil Zero: A Retro Review

With the recent announcement of ‘Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster’ there is a lot of buzz around the Nintendo Gamecube Exclusive entry into the legendary Resident Evil franchise.


A buzz that has not existed around the title since September 2000 when the game was unveiled at the Tokyo game show.

I recently revisited the title on stream as I started my Resident Evil “maREathon” in which I play through zero to six in chronological order.

Was it a game that deserves a remake or is it best left to the annuls of gaming history? Continue reading

Couch co-op: The new/old king of multiplayer?

…because making fun of someone over voice chat just isn’t the same.


Wednesday sees the release of Arrowhead Game Studios new game ‘Helldivers’ coming on PS4 – billed as a local co-op experience that will get the heart pumping it seems that local co-op is beginning to be taken seriously again. If we couple that game with the 4 player split screen co-op promised by Gearbox Studios in the Borderlands : Handsome Collection.

It seems that coach co-op is making a comeback of Leonardo DiCaprio standard of late 2000.

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A streamer’s diary (Nov-Jan).


Whats it like, through the looking-glass?

Four months ago I had written an account of a man and his idea to stream games over the internet to strangers; it wasn’t pretty.

Now that the new year has rolled round and I have vanquished the gremlins that plagued that early attempt at streaming; I thought the time had come for me to update those impressions.

“Why now?” I hear you scream, well MrJohnSherry has written a piece on the topic of Twitch chat on these hallowed pages and gamemoir also covered another issue over there too! All within the last week; someone has to offer a differing viewpoint and it might as well be me 😀

So grab a comfy seat and settle in for my tale of being a small-time streamer on (and with that a new monthly feature is born).

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This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (27/10-2/11/14)

This week has been another good one at LuvvaLuvva towers. We’ve had a LOT of fun on twitch playing our way (and beating it last night) through the ‘Resident Evil’ Remake on GameCube! We’re moving on the second this week on twitch, so if you enjoy survival horror, come check me out!

We’ve also had a lot of fun with our posts; we celebrated Hallowe’en in a fashion that only we could! and started our celebration of all things moustache! We will be running one post a week on the topic of movember, so enjoy!

Blog Posts.

Hallowe’ek Horror: Forgotten horror games.

Hallowe’ek horror: Frightfest 2014 finale…

Movember: Greatest non-human game moustaches

High Scores (Bragoberfest closing)

‘Pix the Cat’ – 912,450 was my final high score, despite my best efforts it was too high a mountain to climb and defeat! Although i’d like to thank Murf for giving me the incentive to strive to improve; it was great fun constantly trying to eek more score out of an absolutely superb puzzler!

912000 Pix

‘Pac-Man DX Championship Edition’ – (10 minute run) 2,317,730, (5 minute run) 1,214,990 again, this was a score that was too high to beat. Disappointed that I couldn’t give Izlain a better run for his money. No shame in it because his score was crazy good!




We streamed pretty much everyday this week. We played ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Evolve’ and it was really good fun!

In the coming week we will be streaming Monday, Tuesday & Friday nights at 10pm GMT and Saturday morning at 9am GMT. Do come join us, say hi and join in the craic! We’d love to have you, dont know where we are? click the pic…