Shenmue 1 & 2 Ports Coming to PS4, Xbox and PC in 2018

Well folks,it finally happened and I cannot put into words how happy I am to report that SEGA have confirmed and announced that Shenmue 1 & 2 are coming to PS4, Xbox One And PC this year!

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34…reasons the Dreamcast is still the best games console ever

Well the day has come and my plans didn’t quite come to fruition (god damn GCSEs and my day job getting right in the way of an amazing idea)! Like all good guys who have broken a commitment, I’m here to grovel with something that is far too little, too late.

On Tuesday I turned 34; so here is the second instalment in my “series” (do two posts constitute a series? Put your answer in the comment section) “34…”

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Peter Moore bids farewell to the games industry

Peter Moore has spent the past 18 years in the games industry and has overseen some monumental moments in the industry! From launching the Dreamcast and making Xbox Live an industry leader,  to wrestling Grand Theft Auto exclusivity from PlayStation.

There is not much this man hasn’t seen or done in the industry.

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Famous console malfunctions -Part 2

MALFUNCTIONLast Thursday I looked at the two biggest hardware malfunctions in gaming – but they weren’t alone; far from it! Every major console manufacturer has had issues that somehow sneaked past QA and made it into the public domain.

The issues here are far less serious than those in Part One; in fact it is completely possible that you never knew these issues existed because you probably never experienced them. I can assure you that there were/are a very real thing!

Here we are then, three more console malfunctions of varying severity.

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The Most Important Gaming Tech Evolutions

With all three major VR headsets now available to the general public; we have officially heralded the beginning of a new era; if the PSVR, Oculus and Rift have it their way – gaming has been irrevocably changed. We’ll not be able to go back to traditional, screen-based gaming; regardless of what Phil Spencer thinks

…PSVR has gotten me thinking though. I used to dream of something like this when I was a kid playing my SEGA Mega Drive, and now here it is and it’s almost as good as I pictured it way back in 1991.

What else has changed since then though?

Almost too much! There is literally too much for me to list here and still make it interesting. What I’m going to do instead is to tell you what I consider the best technological advancements in gaming.

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MrLuvva’s Luv-In #21

The big 21! That means that my (mostly) weekly  roundup is now a fully matured adult, with the ability to go out and get drunk then vote, anywhere in the world! There is no stopping this roundup now – what have I created?

It is October, that means we are starting our Frightfest season; October was our highest viewed month last year and that was down to the quality of those posts, so we are going to have to up the ante this year. I have some great posts coming your way, so prepare yourselves for a scary time!

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