Destiny 2 Info Dump

Today is the day that Bungie promised us they’d give us a ton of Destiny 2 information and they did not disappoint!  Continue reading


Destiny 2 Rumours Emerge

It has been some time since Bungie admitted that it was working on a sequel to ‘Destiny’ and today the rumour mill kicked into gear! 

Now take this all with a pinch of salt because we have no idea how valid all these rumours are…

Apparently the game will be called ‘Destiny 2: Forge of Hope’ and will be released between November 4th and 18th. 

The game will be released an Xbox, PlayStation and PC! Strangely though the Playstation Pro and Scorpio are listed as release consoles!  

There will be three variations for sale;

  • Regular edition
  • Special edition with some cosmetic items
  • Collectors edition with all the above and a model of the expo strangers relic of necessity (whatever that is). 

There is still a playstation exclusivity deal with the sequel but the exclusivity period has been reduced to only 3 months! 

“Substantial” updates are planned and will be released every quarter – while themed events (like in ‘Overwatch’) will occur every two months. 

The game will also feature a brand new graphical engine with a lot more customisation options including facial hair and tattoos. Unfortunately this means that characters will not carry across (which I am sceptical about).

That is a lot of stuff to take in and we’ll see how real they are when Bungie officially unveil the game.