Free REVII DLC ‘Not A Hero’ delayed

This morning Capcom announced via the Resident Evil Ambassador program that the free dlc for Resident Evil VII called ‘Not a hero’ has been indefinitely delayed. Continue reading


Resident Evil VII is the PSVR Killer App


Resident Evil VII released last Tuesday and received great reviews – some proclaimed it as the return of survival horror and the saviour of the genre. After playing two hours of it; it’s hard to argue against those ascertains, it truly is a brilliant game.

However during my sweep of reviews for the game I noticed something; a little odd, the PS4 reviews were ever-so-slightly higher than the other formats and at first I wondered why this was. Then I brought my copy home, installed it and placed my PSVR visor on; it hit me like a ton of bricks within the first ten minutes – this is the reason I bought the PSVR – and is the reason you should too! Continue reading

The problem facing Resident Evil VII

img_2670Resident Evil is one of the biggest franchise in gaming. It has seen six sequels spanning four console generations. Countless spinoff titles and even two soft reboots.

The number of games sold in the franchise is well north of 40 million and it boasts one of the biggest and most dedicated fandoms of any game series.

And yet, through all this success, reimagination and reinvention it finds itself in a rather unique position. Resident Evil fans fall firmly into two camps with very different ideas on what Resident Evil actually is;

  1. Those who were fans of the original, survival horror style tetralogy.
  2. Those who were fans of the soft rebooted horror/action trilogy.

What these two subsets of fans like about their chosen games are incompatible with one another. (For the purposes of this post I will only be considering mainline, numbered entries of the franchise).

Continue reading

Capcom have released some REVII stats…

and they make for some interesting reading

There are a number of things that we can ascertain for these numbers;

  1. If 20,000 VR users make up 10% then the game has sold at least 200,000 copies.
  2. PSVR has sold a substantial amount of units if there are 20,000 people using it for REVII.
  3. The metrics are massive so Capcom are expecting this to be a massive hit – perhaps eclipsing the mighty amount of copies RE5 shifted! 

Here’s hoping that after the universally glowing reviews and these metrics that the game can move onto global success!