Games That Got Better Over Time

…patches will fix everything!

a realm reborn

In light of the magnificent release of No Man’s Sky patch 1.3 I thought we should take time to appreciate other games and developers that never gave up through sketchy initial releases and make the game live up to it’s full potential! Also, I am back!  Continue reading


Anticipated games that will miss 2015!

You know the score, games get announced, games get delayed and others; well they get canned!

This is a metaphor! Imagine the man is a game. Now imagine the bus is 2015. HIGH BROW SHIT!

As you’ve probably noticed (in our games list posts here and here) 2015 is shaping up to be an absolutely outstanding year for us gamers! It is also shaping up to be an incredibly busy year with major releases; seemingly, every month! It’s inevitable that developers will miss their release date due to unforeseen problems, technical hitches and not wanting to go up against ‘Call of Duty’ in November.

Here’s three games we think will miss the year – with a handy explanation of why we picked them!

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