Backlog Blitz Vers.

BacklogOk folks it is back again – I will be attempting to complete 52 games in 2018; that is one game a week! I promised you last week that I would keep you abreast of any changes and seeing that I am a man of my word; here is that post. Continue reading


Backlog Blitz December 2017 & Final Roundup

BacklogGames Bought: Tekken 7

Games Completed: Tekken 7 (Paul and Hwoarang Story) and Watch_Dogs 2.

Final Year Score: -19

Completion count: 25

Well that is that, 2017 has come and gone and so too has my Backlog Blitz – whilst it was tough going in some months, I think that I have been fallen well short of completing 52 games in one calendar year – I have certainly completed more games in 2017 than I have in a very long time. So, in a sense 2017 was successful year. Continue reading

Backlog Blitz: November 2017

We’re well into the last month of the year and failure is staring me right in the face; unless I had a stellar month and completed AT LEAST two games a week it seems inevitable!

What is this Backlog Blitz all about? Well – it’s a challenge I set myself and here’s the rules for those of you with short-term memory issues (you poor bastards):

  • I must complete 52 games in 2017
  • The games can be ones that I have previously started or have previously completed and they can be on any platform
  • Episodic games count as one game per episode
  • Lengthy DLC (ie Blood & Wine) counts as a game
  • Every time I complete a game I score +1
  • Every time I buy a game I score -2
  • By the end of the year I must finish with a positive score or I have failed the Backlog Blitz

Year Score (so far) = -20

How’d November go? Read on dear reader! Continue reading

Backlog Blitz: August 2017

BacklogWell here we are, finally getting round to putting out the first real post of the month (bloody hell); I know that we have been awful with our posts these last two months but we are putting things into place that will keep us (and of course you guys) right for the rest of the year! I have begun writing quality posts for our annual ‘Frightfest’ celebration and I know that Sherry is also looking forward to getting back to his weekly post! Continue reading

Backlog Blitz: May 2017

img_3203May was a pretty good month; I celebrated my birthday, I bought absolutely no games (despite Sony putting on more great sales) and I got actually some real sit down and game time towards the end of the month. However the preceding 4 weeks of May were balls to the wall busy and I actually hard an immensely difficult time doing anything gaming related (including writing blog posts).

Summer is coming though; that means that GCSEs and the real graft of teaching is almost behind me for 8 weeks and it should also mean that I get some legitimate gaming time. I expect to see a number of titles get deleted from my Backlog over July and August – in fact the success of this challenge depends on it! Continue reading