Metroid 2 remake has Hard difficulty locked behind amiibo

In yet another blatant anti-consumer move Nintendo has confirmed that the hard mode (imaginatively called ‘Fusion Mode’) will be only unlocked by the metroid amiibo Continue reading


How Nintendo survived and won 2014.


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With the recent release of ‘Super Smash bros for Wii U’ there has been a question doing the rounds on the internet. A question that is worthy of some analysis. A question that needs answered!

That question is very simply – ‘have Nintendo won 2014’?

It’s a curious question when we consider that the Wii U is Nintendo’s slowest selling home console ever! To equal the GameCube (a massive 20,000,000┬ásales) it would be impressive considering how its first year was. However when we consider how they turned the 3DS around – perhaps this question has legs.

Let’s explore how Nintendo have pulled off this, greatest of all, great escapes.

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