Got To Go Fast!

…but is Sonic headed for another ice berg?

sonic mania

This past few months has been pretty great to be a Sonic fan right? SEGA seems to have got their priorities in check and giving the fans what they want with the upcoming Sonic Mania – even though it has just been pushed back from Spring to Summer, at least it is coming and it looks great! However, there is another. Continue reading

FeVRier: Call of Duty Jackal Assault Review


Infinite Warfare is undoubtedly the black sheep of the franchise – since its reveal it has met with nothing but derision from the hardcore fans who wanted “boots on the ground” gameplay and none of this “space bullshit”.

The thing is though, Infinite Warfare has done a number of things really well and the hatred of the title stems from nothing else other than “this is not a thing I want; give me my thing please” mentality.

Perhaps the best thing that came from Infinite Warfare is Jackal Assault. A free VR experience that does not require the base game – if you have the PSVR headset and 5 spare minutes you can experience this mode for yourself.

And I think you want to try this… Continue reading

I’m Sorry, How Much?

…nah, you’re alright!


I am a bit partial to a bit of first person shooter action – late night binges on ‘Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2’ and have a full group for ‘Battlefield Bad Company’, I like to think I have done my best to support the genre. However, there is some major shenanigans going on right now and it’s doing my head in! Continue reading

Reviews and What They Mean To Gamers

This year has been a funny one for reviews, we’ve seen several scandals revolving around games companies paying massive YouTubers and Streamers to positively review their products without stating that they were paid. As well as (the now standard) review embargoes on the day of release, the day after release and even review copies not being sent to publications at all!

It got me thinking, how important are reviews to gamers?

Do they really sway purchasing decisions for the masses?


Oh Tony I once loved you!

I decided to take the highest profile review controversy case of the year the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 (THPS5 from here) release. The only release this year to have NO reviews before it hit digital distribution services and shop shelves across the planet.
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