Backlog Blitz: May 2017

img_3203May was a pretty good month; I celebrated my birthday, I bought absolutely no games (despite Sony putting on more great sales) and I got actually some real sit down and game time towards the end of the month. However the preceding 4 weeks of May were balls to the wall busy and I actually hard an immensely difficult time doing anything gaming related (including writing blog posts).

Summer is coming though; that means that GCSEs and the real graft of teaching is almost behind me for 8 weeks and it should also mean that I get some legitimate gaming time. I expect to see a number of titles get deleted from my Backlog over July and August – in fact the success of this challenge depends on it! Continue reading

Playstation Plus Games June 2017

Another late post (seriously, why bother Luvva). This time it worked in my favour though – if you have no PS Plus Subscription and you sign up for 12 months during June, you will get a free copy of Star Wars Battlefront as a thank you from Sony! Unfortunately; people with an active subscription cannot avail of this offer.

June has officially started which means that the PS Plus games update will happen on Tuesday (as is the schedule) – but “what is included with this update?” I hear you frantically scream at your monitor (silly reader; we can’t hear you through the monitor). Well dear reader, you should already know the answer to that question because they got announced on Wednesday!

It’s the best month in absolutely ages in case you haven’t heard; for those of you who missed the news though, here it is in full! Continue reading

34…reasons the Dreamcast is still the best games console ever

Well the day has come and my plans didn’t quite come to fruition (god damn GCSEs and my day job getting right in the way of an amazing idea)! Like all good guys who have broken a commitment, I’m here to grovel with something that is far too little, too late.

On Tuesday I turned 34; so here is the second instalment in my “series” (do two posts constitute a series? Put your answer in the comment section) “34…”

For my money there has never been a better console than the SEGA Dreamcast; Continue reading

Should You Try Marvel Heroes Omega?

…Diablo + Marvel = ???


This coming Tuesday marks the release of the PS4 version of Marvel Heroes Omega (formerly  known as Marvel Heroes). It’s a free to play MMO, action RPG where you roam around iconic locations from the Marvel universe while leveling up your favorite heroes to level 60 to partake in the end game content. All of this sounds great, but is it worth your time? Continue reading

34…reasons why gaming is awesome! 

As we enter the last half of May it means that I am quickly approaching my 34th birthday. As a way of celebrating old age and to make up for the lack of any anniversary celebrations this year (I still can’t believe I forgot about it) I thought that we could celebrate together!

I will be putting up a series of posts that revolve around the number 34 called, you guessed it, ‘34…’! I’ll be covering a load of different topics so make sure you check back here regularly.Today marks the first post in the series and it’s one in which we celebrate gaming as a whole; let’s see 34 reasons why gaming is awesome!

Continue reading