PlayStation Plus & Games With Gold March 2018


Well, it’s happened again; I’m well behind the news – but we’ve not let it stop us before and we ain’t gonna start now!

Here’s what each service is offering for the month of March; spoiler alert (as if it is a spoiler at this stage) it’s a humdinger!

PS Plus


Bloodborne – is an unbelievable game that simply has to be played by everyone with a PS4. It’s my game of the generation; you can read my review here

Ratchet & Clank – I game I had zero interest in when it was re-released in 2016; but since I’ve played the original PS2 version and enjoyed it; I have no hesitation in trying this now! BRING IT ON!

PlayStation 3

Legend of Kay Anniversary – is a slightly above-average reviewed action game from Neon Studios. It’s a remake of a forgotten PlayStation 2 title (I’m seeing a pattern) that is, by all accounts, alright!

Mighty Number 9 (Cross-Buy with PS4) – the most famous (should that be infamous?) KickStarter game of all time. A spiritual successor to Mega Man, this game came out to worldwide disdain and mass head shaking. Not a great one, but surely you have a morbid curiosity – I know I do!


Claire: Extended Cut (Cross-Buy with PS4) – A 2D, side-scrolling survival horror that reviewed slightly above average. It looks and sounds decent, its story is meant to be very good and it’s free.

Bombing Busters (Cross-Buy with PS4) – Another slightly above-average game.

Games With Gold

March 1st-15th sees Trials of the Blood Dragon being made available on Xbox One; this is a really decent game that is a lot of fun and extremely challenging. Brave also gets released on 360 and Backwards compatibility which is, um, fine?

March 16th – 31st sees Superhot replace TOTBD and again this is a very good game, excellent in fact – a really good month for Xbox One. Quantum Conundrum being available on 360/BC really rams home the fact that MS couldn’t give a shit about the 360 offerings any more.

Which is better?

PS Plus offering Bloodborne means that there was really nothing MS could do to prevent them being hammered in March; R&C being offered on top is just a cherry atop a delicious, succulent and calorie free cake. Those cross-buy titles are the whipped cream that turns the cake into a delicious dessert for you to enjoy forever; amazing form from Sony on the PS4!

3 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus & Games With Gold March 2018

  1. Yeah, Sony’s offerings this month are amazing by comparison. Microsoft have been a touch disappointing for the past couple of months. Whilst I already have Bloodborne, the other offerings are very much worth a look.

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