The State of the Blog

Last year we really pulled it out of the bag – despite it being one of our worst years for new content we somehow had our best year ever for views! Whilst this is awesome news views just aren’t enough for me, a few years ago I wrote a piece about how important the community is to me (and these pages) and merely coasting by with the minimal amount of posts simply isn’t good enough for me or you!

Blog Banner_edited-2

flash from the past…right?

What does this mean exactly?

It means a few things – with myself and MrJohnSherry becoming busier and busier I don’t see how we are to maximise the number of posts that are appearing here – I have been trying to plug the gaps by myself every spare moment that I have but this obviously comes at the expense of other things; like playing games to create said content.

Things have got to change. So, it’s a good thing that I have a few ideas up my sleeve that will hopefully free up time for us and give you guys new content to sink your teeth into.

The first thing I want to address is how we give you guys the news – in order for me to be able to create these posts I am truly going to focus on the news that I am excited about. Furthermore, these posts will be created as and when I hear it – that means that those posts will be no frills; the chances are that I will create them on my phone as I go about my daily business – but it does mean that you should see more of them appear here!

I am hoping to get Sherry back into his routine of creating his Saturday post (damn I miss those) with his unique view on the gaming industry and I am also hoping to get another writer to contribute (you know who you are) in order to get you guys more delicious content!

What about you Luvva? This is your site after all!

You’re right – the biggest responsibility falls on my shoulders – I love writing content for you guys, and there is no denying that I’ve let you down badly so here’s the things that I will be doing in 2018 to make your experience here better.

The biggest thing that I want to rectify this year is the number of reviews that I write, over the past few years the number of reviews that I have written has fallen dramatically; it’s a strange phenomenon too because, historically, my reviews have always performed well with readers. I’m not too sure why m output stalled so badly; I genuinely enjoy writing reviews because it helps me articulate the reasons why I like/dislike a game. It also makes my life easier, because I write this blog I get quite a few folks asking me for recommendations or for my thoughts on a game – if I reviewed every game I played then I could literally just link them to that!

This year, expect some changes to the blog – it’s been nearly 4 years since I started writing it and, in that time, it has changed very little! Expect a redesign at some stage; I’m hoping to make it look more like a video game site and less like my own personal blog.

stream 2018.jpgI’m also hoping to get new content on the go this year as well – the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that this week I have begun to stream again on; I have freed 2 nights a week for some (short) streams and whilst it has gone low-fi (because of space and time issues) it will, hopefully, be just as entertaining as it used to be! For the time being all my streams will be done via the PS4 inbuilt capture

This week was a pretty good week for streaming, I twice streamed Prison Architect and had a tiny audience watching and interacting with me – hopefully over time we can build an audience and stream bigger games! Expect the return of ‘A Streamers diary’ and my monthly update on how the whole thing has been going – I am very excited to be back on twitch as it was one of the most enjoyable hobbies I’ve ever had!

I am toying with the idea of streaming on the creative side of twitch as well – I think it would be quite cool to let you guys see my thought process as I write my articles for here! I don’t know if it would be something you may be interested in, so let me know in the comments and on social media – is this a stupid idea; or is it a half decent one! Make up my mind for me!

Right now, my schedule is as follows;

Monday 8:30 – 10:30 pm (GMT)

Tuesday 9 – 11 pm (GMT)

As always though; some weeks I will be much busier than others and these are always subject to change – for the very latest scheduling news be sure to follow me on twitter as it will be the best place to find out if something has come up.

Any other suggestions you have for making this site better?

Tell me in the comments and on social media!

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