Christmas Game Music #4

Christmas 2017The big day has com and gone! You’ve opened your presents (hopefully you all got what your heart desired) and you’ve given those you care for their presents too (hopefully you forgot no-one!) the Holiday spirit should be well and truly in you now!

If you’re still a scrooge; then that’s where we come in, to give you the Christmas spirit and to give that spirit strength and longevity! Long story short, here’s another TOP Christmas track from a game!

Toy Day from Animal Crossing New Leaf is the track I have picked for Boxing day!

Toy Day is everything you’d hope it would be and more – it is sickly sweet, totally intoxicating and it invokes Christmas feelings you’ve probably not felt since childhood! It is exciting, childish and brilliant; I absolutely love this song and it is the epitome of Gaming Christmas Tracks (that I could think of at the time of writing this series).

What a way to enjoy Christmas week!

Happy holidays!



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