Christmas Game Music #3

Christmas 2017Christmas just keeps getting closer and closer! It’s down to the last few days here and it is getting real; that means that we have to up the ante with our choices and start bringing those christmas bangers thick and fast – today’s choice is just that!

Released way back in 1996 as a free demo on the Official Saturn Magazine Christmas ‘NiGHTS into Dreams’ quickly became a cult hit and rightfully so the game was absolutely brilliant! It took the core game (Well the first level of it) and gave it a full-on Christmas make over and the results were stunning. Sure, the graphics have aged poorly (like most polygonal games of the era) but the gameplay and music are absolutely timeless. For me though the game’s best attribute is the music; why? Well let’s just say that music was always on of Sonic Team’s strong suits!

Christmas nightsThe game takes classic Christmas tracks and throws a layer of classic SEGA/Sonic Team stylings on top; the results are cheesy, catchy tunes that enter your head and refuse to leave – subjecting you to humming it for the rest of the day! I’ve chosen the song ‘Dream Bells’ because it is the epitome of the OST – taking jingle bells and giving it an unmistakably brilliant 1990s sonic flavour with a lot (some would say too much) Christmas bells to make sure you know it’s Christmas!

Sure, it could be considered quite annoying, but all the great Christmas songs are annoying; no-one truly likes Christmas music, we listen to them because they remind us of our childhood and all the happy memories we associate with this time of year. ‘Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams’ holds a lot of fond memories for those who were lucky enough to have a Saturn growing up – the game is great, the music is great!

What Christmas games track do you like?

Tell me in the comments/Facebook.Twitter!


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