My Christmas Games 2017

Christmas 2017As regular readers are more than aware of by now, I hold back a few games each year in order to play through them over my Christmas holidays (being a teacher has its benefits – namely a 2 week break over Christmas). Sometimes I hold back these games purposefully because they are part of a franchise that I associate with Christmas (like Tomb Raider), and others just happen to be pushed into the backlog because I buy too many games and complete too few!

This year is no different; I have a list of games the length of my arm and choices are going to have to be made this Christmas. I am expecting to have a few family nights this year so – for perhaps the first time ever, my list is dominated with multiplayer games that I plan on enjoying with those nearest and dearest to me (the true meaning of Christmas gaming)!

PlayLink: Hidden Agenda & Knowledge is Power

Hidden AgendaPlaylink was surely created with the holidays in mind! I don’t think anybody would disagree with me saying that Sony have suffered this generation with the PS4 not having a good selection of games for the family to enjoy (those ‘adult’ titles sell much better after all) and Playlink is a cracking way to remedy this situation. By removing the controller and replacing it with a smart phone these titles are instantly much more accessible to the masses – that doesn’t mean that there can’t be hardcore titles for the platform (is it a platform?) and Hidden Agenda is certainly that!

From SuperMassive Games ‘Hidden Agenda’ is a mystery game in which the players must work together and make the right call with game decisions, however one of the players has secretly been given…a hidden agenda…this agenda is to cause conflict between the other players by performing certain actions in-game – everyone else will have to fix this conflict as the story plays out.

There is no gameplay here, everyone watches the story play out and decisions are made by the players in order to get to the solution to the murder – so there is no barrier to entry here, no prior gaming experience is required! All you need is a smart phone, eyes, ears and about 2 hours to play through the title from start to finish – according to all sources the central story is amazing and it is great fun to play; I’m looking forward to playing through it for the first time with MrsLuvva and all her family!

‘Knowledge is Power’ on the other hand is pure casual fun! A modern-day ‘BUZZ!’ (which is an annual staple in the Luvva household) however we all have our specialist discs and so the arguments are escalating as we view playing some discs as “cheating” – to have a good quiz game without this (as well as new questions) is mouth-watering!

By all accounts this is meant to be quite a good quiz game and that is exactly what I’m looking for at Christmas time; move over BUZZ! And Trivial Pursuit! We’ve got a new contender!

Titanfall 2

TF2This is, in my opinion, the best first-person shooter this generation.

Recently my friends have finally taken my advice and several of them have finally purchased this brilliant title; this means that I have been sucked back down the rabbit hole into addiction of TF2’s multiplayer mode! There is now so much content here that it feels like a completely different game to the one I bought last year for a discounted price two weeks after release – it is genuinely brilliant; and I am actually not that bad at it either!

Playing with friends has injected the game with a new life; I’ve been running on walls, jumping over people and into Titans and taking the war to the walls, ceilings, floors and everywhere in between for at least 3 hours a week for the last two months!

Over my Christmas break, I know I will plow even more hours into this game!

Buy it if you haven’t already!

Horizon Zero Dawn

HZDHere’s a game that I’d been eyeing up all year (especially after Sherry raved about it all the bloody time) but I never got around to buying; well until 2 weeks ago when it was only £25 on PSN! The release of ‘The Frozen Wilds’ had persuaded me to hold off until Christmas to finally play (well that and playing through Watch_Dogs 2), what most people consider their game of the year!

To say I am excited is not strong enough; I’ve been fighting the urge to play this game since I bought it all those weeks ago! Christmas cannot come quick enough for me and my insatiable hunger for a truly great game!

Gran Turismo Sport

GT SportThis is the game I asked MrsLuvva for and it is the true “Christmas Game” for this year! I have no idea if she has bought it for me, but I really hope so because I absolutely loved the BETA despite the fact that I haven’t enjoyed the franchise before (besides 3, but who didn’t love 3?)!

Whilst the racing is great, it is the VR mode that I am most excited to try – VR makes every game at least ten times better (this is pure science and not a random number) so hopefully GTS is under my tree awaiting my opening it Monday morning!


What games are you playing this holiday season?

Tell me in the comments/Facebook/Twitter


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