Christmas game music #2

Christmas 2017Let’s keep the festivities going in MrJohnSherry’s absence!

Today’s musical offering comes from a game I’ve been playing quite a bit of recently; the escapists – this track is from the ‘Santa’s Workshop’ seasonal DLC.This track is the exercise period song and it isridixulously upbeat, christmassy which captures everything Christmas  is about (like last weeks track). Here though; it’s used as a juxtaposition with the situation the elves find themselves in; Santa has been using them as slave labour! Essentially what we  have here are elves who are sick of being aubjucated by an oppressive force (Santa) and trying to covertly escape this torment – to the backdrop of overly cheerful Christmas music!

It’s a lighthearted game with a stellar soundtrack it captures Christmas perfectly and it’s great fun, as well as funny! If you don’t have this little episode (and it’s isn’t little) then rectify this post haste and get yourself into the Christmas spirit apirit!


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