Christmas Game Music #1

Christmas 2017.png

It’s that time of year again; we’re all busy beavers trying to ascertain what our loved ones would like for the big day without giving the game away completely, doing the shopping, getting caught in traffic and generally being happy with being made miserable!

The most wonderful time of year indeed!

And yet it is the best time of the year. I know that I am at my happiest in December and that is, in no small part, because of Christmas – I love everything to do with it and that includes something I’ve never spoken of here; Christmas themed game music!

You know what I’m talking about; the good old days of Christmas themed games and expansions that adorned the covers of magazines worldwide! Those days are back folks; just last year I talked about how they were making a comeback and so too are the Christmas themes. For the next few Saturdays (and maybe a few bonus ones randomly dotted around the month) I will be highlighting a single Christmas themed piece of game music and telling you why I like it so much.

I am also opening this open to you guys; every post has comments; if you want to nominate your favourite Christmas themed gaming music then link me to a video of it and maybe, just maybe it’ll get its own post right here!

Today’s pick is from Overwatch, specifically the Winter Wonderland Event Theme! The reason I picked this is because it screams Christmas; here we have a theme that is cheerful, happy, exciting and full of bells – everything that represents Christmas and everything that Christmas represents!

Listening to this song makes me really excited for Christmas – it is infectious and a stonking good track that has a nice mix of original score and traditional christmas songs in there. Sterling work from Blizzard!

On top of all this, the Christmas event last year was bloody fantastic – the snowball fights were amazing to play and extremely fun; I have a few good memories of the event. Here’s hoping the event this year is half as good!

What is your favourite Christmas gaming theme?

Tell me in the comments/twitter/facebook and who knows, maybe your pick will be featured!


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