PlayStation Plus & Games with Gold: December 2017

Well, it happened again; I’ve been so busy that I missed the two announcements and here I am; nearly a week after the fact – just now putting up the games they announced.

No doubt you already know them (and downloaded those you want) so this article is merely for my end of year review of the services. So rather than me flog a dead donkey, I’m just gonna list the games and a sentence explaining my excitement/ambivalence.

PS Plus


Darksiders 2 is a very decent game indeed; but it is also a remaster of a last generation title.

Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends is a clone of smash bros and is slightly above average (going by reviews). It’s not an amazing addition to the service, but it is family friendly and its inclusion makes sense during the holidays. I guess.

Bonus Games: That’s You! & Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – two very good games well worth the free download.


Xblaze Lost: Memories is an anime visual novel; you know if you’re into this or not.

Syberia collection is a bang average port of  a PC/iOS adventure game that hasn’t aged particularly well. At least it includes two games though!


Forma 8 is a crossplay title with PS4; it’s a metroidvania with good reviews across the board and may be well worth a look!

Wanted Corp is a top down twin stick shooter that has above average reviews.

Games with Gold

Xbox One

December 1st sees Warhammer: The End Times enter the service. It’s a cooperative action game in the vein of Left 4 Dead and is, by all accounts, good!

December 16th swaps in Back To The Future: The Game a Telltale Games series that is actually very good! I enjoyed it on PC last year and it’s well worth the free download here.

Xbox 360/Backwards Compatibility

December 1st has Child of Eden, the spiritual successor to REZ that was really good with the Kinect! Wholeheartedly recommend this game – even with a controller!

December 16th swaps in Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death, which is a God of War style action game that garnered really average reviews and is forgettable.

Overall: neither service has dished up an irresistible Christmas menu of games for our consumption – nor have they completely cocked it up. Both have their highlights and lowlights. Disappointing; but hey – we’ll all have too many games to play in a few weeks…






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