Adult Gaming

…sometimes life just gets in the way.


First of all, not that type of Adult gaming, so you can get your minds out of the gutter! I am talking about more how do we find time to game while we deal with lifes everyday challenges and annoyances and how it has personally affected my gaming life.

As we get older, I am sure you have all noticed by now – playing time severely decreases, meaning that why we may have less time to play due to work and other life commitments which take priority. Some of us (myself included!) still don’t adjust to this and purchase the same amount of games that we would have back in our free time hay days!

It has taken my about 2 years now, but I finally recognise that my gaming time has severely decreased and it doesn’t look like it will get any longer anytime soon – so it lead me to one question, where can I get the most value?

For me, it has been in that almost dirty phrase amongst the gaming community these days; “Games As A Service”. Games such as Destiny, For Honor, The Crew have all found me the most playing time this generation and they all share one common theme – one flat rate surrounded by DLC support.

Having a game which is run like a support service means I can get my gaming needs and still feel like I am progressing, and even if I don’t purchase the DLC right away, I am still not locked out of the base content which I do own. Which to me is excellent. It has stopped me from buying games for the sake of buying (for the most part – still working on it!) and has saved me some cash.

I plan on making this my primary gaming strategy in the future, with the only games I can see myself purchasing in the near future being Monster Hunter Worlds and The Crew 2. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!



3 thoughts on “Adult Gaming

    • I have yes! I was addicted to it for the first month or so of launch. Now, I just log on to do some random stuff throughout the week as I have nothing I really want to get (except level 305) and the content just isn’t rewarding enough at the moment. Really wish Strikes were worth the time.

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