PlayStation Plus Games November 2017

I’s that time of the month again; expectations are sky-high after an amazing October and Sony have…

…maintained their momentum with a solid (if unspectacular month). 


Worms Battlegrounds: You know what you’re getting here, a solid, fun tactical multiplayer game with more sense of humour than a room full of comedians on their day off. There’s not much to say, everyone who plays games has experience of playing a Worms title and this one is a good one!

Bound: Is the first of two (yes, two) free VR games this month. It’s a platformer like no other, the protagonist is a dancer and you navigate the levels using a combination of her dance moves – it’s a stunning looking, excellent VR and 4K showcase (although it is fully playable without the headset) that only lasts an hour or two but it is an experience worth having. An excellent experience for all.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood: Is still one of the best games on the PSVR – you can check my thoughts on it by reading my review...

Bonus Game: That’s You


R-Type Dimensions: Another game that needs no introduction. This is a damn good R-Type game and you should play it – so dig out that PS3 if you no longer have it set up!

Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of plastic: There is very little here to get excited about although this is a fun little fighter even if it is ridiculously unoriginal. Here we have a fighting game that is the epitome of “another one in the crowd”. You’ll find an hour or two’s worth of fun here, but you’ll soon consign it to the backlog.


Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse: Once again, another huge franchise with 20 years of history – this was a kickstarted game and it has none of the hallmarks of one – this is a very good point’n’click adventure that is well worth your time. Charge that VITA!

Dungeon Punks: Crossbuy with PS4. A Side scrolling RPG that is lightning fast and is supposed to be quite good. It looks interesting and it’s free, so, why not?

What are your thoughts on this months PS Plus offerings?

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