Frightfest 2017: Scary Soundtrack #7


Ok it’s hallowe’en night now and hopefully the last of your trick r treaters have gone; it’s time for you to scare the living daylights out of yourself and you’ve found yourself here, on the pages of your favourite gaming blog.

Good news; I’ve got you covered with the last of our scary soundtracks of the year, and boy howdy is it a cracker!. So as always, here’s how to achieve the maximum fear factor from our chosen soundtrack:

  1. turn off the lights
  2. headphones on
  3. close your eyes and sit back
  4. be terrified

You may think that this one is a complete cheat, but I implore you to hear me out. I have been playing a massive amount of Friday the 13th: The Game this weekend and it is as scary and tense an experience as I’ve ever had in a survival horror.

One of the most important factors to this atmosphere is the absolutely brilliant sound direction of the game. Yes it is the licensed soundtrack to the movies and yes it is nothing new here, but the context in which you hear this theme most definitely has!

You only hear the famous Jason Chase theme when you are being chased by Jason, and it is one of the scariest things you’ll ever experience in video games! Jason is controlled by a player and as a result you will never know what he is about to do, he can (and often will) teleport to within inches of you and grab you ending your life but just as easily he could decide to leave you alone before grabbing you when you least expect it later on.

The uncertainty is what kills you. Well that and this theme absolutely blasting through your speaker system – my heart has been given a workout by this game, and I’m sure yours will too when you give this a listen and imagine being on the receiving end of a machete to the head (because that’s what it often leads to).


Tell me if you were brave enough to follow my instructions in the comments/facebook/twitter.

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