Frightfest 2017: My Halloween Games 

It’s finally here; Halloween has arrived!

Now that the veil between our world and the world of the dead is at its thinnest, I can think of no better time to play games that’ll scare us stupid! 

Tonight I’ll be turning on the PlayStation 4, putting on my earphones and playing games guaranteed to put the fear of God in me. It seems like my only option to be honest.

“What Games though?” I hear you scream at me with bated breath and an impatience you have become known for. Well dear reader let me share that with you now!

Friday the 13th

I backed this game back when it was known as ‘Slasher Vol.1: Summer Camp’ but only redeemed my code on Saturday.

It is a fantastic game; sure it’s obviously in early access and has its fair share of issues but the core gameplay here is sound and it has the potential to grow into a unique and amazing multiplayer experience. Hell when you get a good team together and the servers play ball it’s already there!

The best thing about F13th is that it is utterly tense and terrifying. The fact that you’re playing with humans, the objects are randomly placed and the councillors and  Jason having different variations of skills and traits give the game an unpredictability that always keeps you on edge. There is no relaxing in this game – I can count on one hand the games that caused me to get a sore lower back due to tension; this is one of them.

There are not many things that can compare in fear when you are being chased by Jason and you run out of stamina! I look forward to being in this situation repeatedly tonight!

Dead by Daylight 

This is another cracking asymmetrical multiplayer experience. Like F13th there are players controlling survivors and one controlling the killer. Unlike F13th however this is a much more condensed experience that will have your nerves shredded from the very beginning of the round.

Trapped in small, but packed, arenas 4 survivors must escape the clutches of a deranged killer by starting 4-6 generators to open an escape route and making a run for it!

DBD reminds me of Left 4 Dead b cause everything here has been planned and balanced with military precision.

The arenas are compact enough so that you always feel endangered but not too small so that everyone is on top of one another.

The timings for opening the escape route, fixing generators and fighting off the killer are perfect to create a taut, tense atmosphere of foreboding.

The scoring system also balances risk and reward really well and keeps you proactive in both roles! It is an addictive, tense game fraught with danger and unpredictability.

I can’t wait to gut some survivors as Michael Myers tonight!

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

Resident-Evil-7I really should have beaten this game before now, seeing as I bought it day of release (hell, I preordered it) but here we are. This month alone I have beaten RE1 and 3 as well as Dino Crisis and I am passed the halfway point of this game (at a guess). That means I could potentially finish REVII on Hallowe’en night. How apt.

This game is an amazing experience and it is absolutely horrific in VR (I have given up playing it that way for now) and it is the perfect game for playing tonight. I’ve never played a game that has scared me quite like REVII has, VR has transformed me from a horror game pro to a quivering wreck and that, my friends, is why the technology is so bloody exciting.

I cannot wait to kick the hell out of Marguerite and finally find my freedom from the hellish Baker family. I’m coming for you Mia; please hold on!

It is shaping up to be a bloody terrifying Halloween night for me and I couldn’t be any more excited!

What are you playing tonight?

Tell me in comments/facebook/twitter.

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Have  great halloween!

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