Twitch introduce Emote lootboxes

A few days ago twitch introduced their new initiative; the ever popular and totally fair lootbox system, by cheering with ‘bits’ twitch viewers can unlock emotes to use. 

In a blog post twitch stated that;

From now through November 3rd, go trick or treating on any Bits enabled channel by Cheering with at least 250 Bits and unlock a Halloween Crate containing one of six temporary zombie emotes. Collect all six and Zombie Lord Kappa will be yours forever. We all know, what is dead may never die…

That’s right readers, these emotes are temporary – usable for the rest of 2017; it is unclear if these emotes will be usable next Halloween.

The price of the crates is 250 bits; of course you can’t buy that number which means you’ll either buy 300 for around £2.70 or 500 for around £5.30 (however a sale running brings the price to around £2.60). Each crate contains only one emote and there are duplicates. Finally unlocking all 6 temporary emotes will unlock the ‘Zombie Lord Kappa’ emote which is permanent; but god only knows how much it’ll cost…

There are also numerous T&Cs to be aware of while each crate costs 250 bits you will only unlock one at a time – meaning you’ll have to split those bits up into 250 bit cheers.

It’s all very restrictive, overpriced and manipulative; exactly what you’ve come to expect from microtransactions!

The worst part is that although these are TEMPORARY emotes; the crates will sell in their millions and this type of thing be regular twitch events throughout the coming years.

Hurrah for big businesses and these bloody microtransactions!


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