NeoGAF owner accused of sexual assault

We have a story that is still developing. The owner of NeoGAF, Tyler ‘Evilore’ Malka, was accused of sexual assault again and this time his moderators are not standing by him.

As a result of the accusation the site is in chaos as every moderator has stepped down and the site is currently dead.

This is not the first time Malka has been accused of sexual assault either. This time seems different though; the site went into full lockdown, with Malka locking and deleting any thread that brought it up.

This, most recent, accusation was made on Facebook and it is a disgusting read;

In the comments to the above post the original author finally decided to name the culprit:

It was between this accusation being subsequently verified by another member and the reaction of Malka which prompted the moderator exodus which has left the site owner to his own devices.

At time of writing the website is completely dead, throwing up 503 errors. It is unknown if it will ever go live again; we’ll keep you updated on any and all information as it comes to light!


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