IGN acquires Humble Bundle

humble logoHumble Bundle, the website best known for selling bundles of games that allow the buyer to dictate a price, while simultaneously fundraising for various charities announced yesterday that they have been bought by games media giant, IGN!

humble bundle ignHumble bundle, which started life with an indie game bundle in 2010 (which raised over a million dollars) has grown exponentially during the seven years that have followed; raising well in excess of $100 million for countless charities.

It seems a strange acquisition for humble to agree to as many would say that it doesn’t need a conglomerate to further their success as it has been growing nonstop since its inception. Further to that many are worried that IGN will have a negative impact on the site but it has been confirmed that Humble will continue to act independently from IGN which should mean that they will have NO influence over it in the years to come.

Time will tell how long that “hands off” partnership will remain “hands off”. As long as Humble still have excellent bundles for a low price then I doubt many gamers will care who owns or operates the company.




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