Gran Turismo Sport’s VR racing looks amazing!


The first actual gameplay of PSVR racing in Gran Turismo Sport has been uploaded to YouTube and it looks ridiculously good!

Sure, it’s not the first VR racing game on that the system (Driveclub VR holds that accolade) nor is it the only serious sim (Dirt Rally VR) but this looks technically heads and soldiers above either of those titles!

First thing you’ll notice in the video is the detail in the graphics; the cockpit looks great and the (noticeably simplified) trackside detail looks good too! The big difference though is just how clear everything remains in VR. DCVR was unplayable at top speed at times and Dirt Rally was a massive improvement on that (its rilliant in fact) – but GT Sport looks a million miles ahead of Dirt Rally!

To be honest I was sold on GT after its brilliant demo but this has pushed me even further into the “buy it now camp” and I intend on playing it mostly in VR!


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