Survival of The Fittest

…this is, do or die!

fortnite BR

The nights are getting longer and my skin paler so it must mean one thing, we are in Autumn again! As the leaves fall, so do our bank balances and social outings as we try to balance play time between the AAA games which seemingly release by the dozens per week. So, which of them will I be buying this month? Shadow of War? The Evil Within 2? South Park? GT Sport?

The answer? I am not sure, and I will tell you why ; Fortnite : Battle Royale. Up until the start of this previous week I was addicted to Destiny 2 for the previous few weeks (literally, was all I could think about!) until I remembered, oh yeah – that game I paid £35 for a few months ago and played for about 10 hours got this free update. I should probably check that out! So I did, and I was very very surprised by what I found.

A fast paced, no holds barred FFA where you have plenty to loot, plenty to kill, plenty to build and can partner up with up 4 friends while you do it? Where do I sign up!? This game has been hands down the most fun I have had with a game all year, perhaps the last 2 years.

The rush you get when you get into a gun fight of 2 full 4 man squads – sometimes more than 2 full groups is just so adrenaline inducing it’s hard to get that feeling anywhere else in the console space at the moment. Where else can I run into a container yard with a friend, him getting blind sided by a shotgun and then that person chasing me up a set of stairs, me managing to destroy said stairs and then a completely different person blowing the ground below me apart and shot gunning me in the face at point blank range? It’s just chaos. It’s beautiful!

Sure, Battle Royale games are pretty common on PC but for a lot of them games to not even test the water with console players has left Epic with this massive gap in the market, and if they play their cards right with how they put their micro-transactions in – it could be incredibly difficult for others to get a slice of that pie.

With the massive influx in the player count for Fortnite and the fact that Epic are not charging for the Battle Royale element of the game – I can certainly see why Bluehole Studios are getting their pants in a twist, but to say they are Epic are copying them – that’s the danger of being the innovator. Got to strike while that iron is hot! And if it’s true that PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds will be kept on the PC and Xbox platforms and not released on PS4 – I for one am extremely happy that Epic have!

Epic, make sure you give me something cosmetic to collect! That and some new maps and this game will have a grip in my life for quite sometime!




(to answer the initial question though, probably GT Sport!)


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