Games With Gold October 2017

For perhaps the first time ever, I’m putting this GWG update up on the same day it was announced!


It’s an, OK month, I guess. Nothing here is particularly memorable, nor are they particularly bad – it’s a mediocre month at best and it won’t live long in the memory I am sure!

October 1st-15th sees Fullbright’s well received (even if it left me cold) narrative driven game ‘Gone Home’ become available free on the Xbox One (it’s actually available for the entire month). Give it a go and make up your own mind, just don’t expect a lengthy or memorable time from the experience.

360 owners will receive ‘Rayman 3 HD’ which is also available on the One via backwards compatibility. To be fair to Rayman 3, it is the second best game available this month but it can’t hold a candle to the superior Rayman 2. It should be noted that I have no idea what this HD remaster is like, performance wise.

October 16th-31st  has ‘The Turing Test’ available on the Xbox One and this is one incredibly well received puzzle game; much like Portal ‘The Turing Test’ sees you perform tasks while being monitored by an AI supervisor and by all accounts it’s an excellent experience well worth your time.

Finally, 360 owners will receive ‘Medal of Honor: Airborne’ for no extra cost – this is from the era that seen MOH’s stock plummet and while it’s not the worst installment, it is also nowhere near the best. A forgettable shooter that is worth a purchase for £0.

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