Resident Evil 2: The Board Game goes live on Kickstarter

REsident Evil TBGSteamforged games, famous for their crowdsourced ‘Dark Souls: The Board Game’, have struck again, this time with the ever popular and evergreen; Resident Evil 2. 

The game is exactly as you’d imagine it, it’s a tile based board and numerous miniature figures that bring the action alive; it all looks fantastic and to be honest, it’s reasonably priced too with over 2,000 early bird special priced packs at £65. It’s a very tempting package that is for sure! You can check it out here.

Everything about this board game scream authenticity and the figurines look to be of a very high quality;

A quality that goes far beyond the main characters too, the enemy characters look excellent as does the item cards, it just looks brilliant!

ADD Chars RE TBG.png

The game’s structure follows that of classic RPGs of the early 90s, scenario-based that keeps playtime down (a la Heroquest) but interconnected to allow fans to create a story (or by using their imagination, make their own, unique campaign). Again the artwork is second to none and it looks excellent!

SCenario RE TBG.png

To me, this is a very interesting and tempting project that I will undoubtedly be backing, I am in desperate need for a new board game and I think that I should have no issues convincing MrJohnSherry to come round and play!

Do check it out on kickstarter!


5 thoughts on “Resident Evil 2: The Board Game goes live on Kickstarter

  1. I just saw this the other day somewhere else. I love the idea of board games, especially those based on IPs that I love, but getting people together to play them seems to be an issue where I don’t want to spend the money on it if it’s just going to sit on a shelf! I do have my friday night magic group though, so perhaps I should see if they’d be down to play. Looking forward to hearing more about this one!


    • I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I desperately want to back it, but I have to wait to see if anyone would be willing to play it with me; if the lads aren’t it’ll end up being a £70 decoration that I’ll regret buying!


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