PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold: September 2017

Let’s be frank here, our output of posts has been woeful this year – so this is a post out of duty for my end game in December more than it is to inform you – because let’s face it, you’ve probably already added the titles to your libraries and potentially completed one or more of them! Next time we’ll be early!

I promise!

PS Plus

A mixed bag of a month from Sony, but the PS4 and Bonus games are well worth a download!


InFamous: Second Son – the third in the ever drab series of super powered humans in a world in which they just don’t belong (which is actually 100% more interesting than the actual story). Second Son was enjoyed by MrJohnSherry when he reviewed it (with his first ever post for these pages) but I found it mundane and pedestrian. It’s not a bad game, on the contrary it’s a very well made game – it’s just uninspired. Even if it does have the best protagonist of the series.

Child of Light – Child of Light is the polar opposite to everything SS is; it’s a charming adventure that has a gorgeous art style (the infamous UBI-Art engine) and with a cute story that is told through poetry. Even though the narrative runs out of steam and begins to grate by the end; the game is well worth a download and a play – even if it turns out not to be your thing.

Bonus Games:

RIGS: Mechanised Combat League – is a fantastic multiplayer game for the PSVR (still the premiere multiplayer experience on the platform) with mountains of content in the single player campaign to keep even the most demanding gamers satisfied. It is truly the best package available for PSVR and I cannot recommend that you download this immediately!

That’s You! – this is the last month of this being free, it’s good craic so there is no excuse.


Truck Racer – is exactly what it sounds like, a racing game, with trucks. And it’s not very good.

Handball 2016 – see above (only change “trucks” and “racing” to “hand” and “ball”)


We are doomed – this is more like it! WAD is a twin-stick shooter that is an absolute riot to play. Do so!

Hatoful Boyfriend – is the bizarre pigeon romance game that has its fans in droves – it is basically a visual novel. It is not a game for me and I’ve never tried it – maybe I will now that it’s free!

Games with Gold

A really good month from Microsoft!

1st – 15th Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year Edition (available for entire month) on Xbox One and Hydro Thunder Hurricane on 360. Both of these games are well worth a download, I loved Hydro Thunder on the Dreamcast and this update on 360 was a really fun racing game that harked back to the golden age of arcade racers – top fun. Forza is the best racing simulation this generation – it is sterile and lacks personality but the gameplay is top drawer!

16th-30th Oxenfree (available until 15th October) is available on Xbox One and Battlefield 3 on 360. Again two very good games that should have every possible audience on Xbox happy with the offerings for September. Oxenfree is a critical darling of a graphic adventure with supernatural stylings while Battlefield 3 is…Battlefield 3! Enjoy!



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