Okami HD supposedly coming December 12th

OKAMIWell the rumour mill is in full flow today after Kotaku UK reported that Capcom are planning on releasing another HD remaster of cult classic Okami on PS4, PC and Xbox One this Christmas.

According to Kotaku┬áthe rumour began when they were approached by two “sources” from two (unnamed) online retailers had the game up for sale this morning, these tipsters had incredibly similar information about the release. All sounds good so far but we all know that retailers are notorious for getting their wires crossed and just plain being wrong. Also Kotaku’s writer, Laura Kate Dale, has a terrible track record with things like this; her sources are always questionable and she’s been wrong more than she has been right – remember that stuff about the Nintendo switch?!

I for one hope that this rumour does pan out to be true because I greatly enjoyed playing through Okami on my Nintendo Wii (even if it has the slowest opening to any video game ever); but I’m not holding out any great hope on it!

Time will tell but fingers crossed!

Please be true!


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