Games That Got Better Over Time

…patches will fix everything!

a realm reborn

In light of the magnificent release of No Man’s Sky patch 1.3 I thought we should take time to appreciate other games and developers that never gave up through sketchy initial releases and make the game live up to it’s full potential! Also, I am back! 
1) Battlefield 4 – Oh god, the bugs, THE BUGS! This was probably the buggiest game I have ever played on a launch day – bar none! It was just an absolute horrible mess. Framerate completley all over the show, textures not loading in on entire levels and gun sounds looping CONSTANTLY (believe me, when a match lasts 30+ minutes this gets very old, very quickly!) this eventually lead to EA being sued by investors and being voted the worst developer in North America.

Over time they patched out these issues, fixed the user UI and matchmaking on their end to come out with probably one of the best FPS games in recent times. Well played DICE!

2) Diablo 3 – I still have nightmares about this, as a huge fan of the Diablo series I woke up at 4am (!) to get ready for the servers going live at 5am UK time. To be fair to Blizzard, they did indeed go live at 5am, and down again at approximately one second later. Once you got past the infamous error 37, you had to go through the bullcrap that Blizzard put in that NOONE wanted. A newly introduced Auction House took away the fun of playing a looting game and meant if you didn’t spend money on these items (real life money might I add!) then tough crap, you are getting left behind in the end game! Blizarrd artificially manipulated drops so epic gear was so rare it basically wasn’t even worth trying to grind for – which boosted their profits, but dwindled their player base.

When Reaper of Souls came out, they get rid of this ludicrous auction house, implemented loot 2.0, revamping it’s end game – the game completely changed over night. Literally! It now stands up to the Diablo name instead of this half-assed cash cow. Well done Blizzard!

3) Final Fantasy XIV – Probably the best and most documented cash of rags to riches stories in gaming today. Square Enix set about making a game not only to rival and surpass World of Warcraft but also having it set in one of gaming’s most lore rich and fan loved game series – Final Fantasy. Unfortunately what they come up with was an absolute mess. NPC’s literally flying away from you while still talking, the game using the sun to track shadows (even indoors) ignoring all other light sources around characters and a mesh of other game crippling bugs lead to player dismay and a mass exodus soon after release.

Faced with one of the worst MMORPG’s ever released, Square Enix recruited a new game lead developer who regroupped the FFXIV development staff and set about completley remaking the game from the ground up – while still patching the initial game! 3 years later, they came out with what we have today – A Realm Reborn. With the battle system fixed, the game completley reworked to modern standards and fixing literally every other problem that came with FFXIV intially – it has blossomed into one of the most played MMORPG’s today! I love a rags to riches story!



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