My Favourite Runs from ESA 2017

ESA 2017.pngWell, I’m still catching up but I am getting there!

A few weeks ago now the ESA occurred. For those who are not in the know, the ESA is the European Speedrunners Assembly and it is; unsurprisingly, a speedrunning marathon that heavily features the best of the European crop of speedrunners. It’s slowly gaining momentum and traction on Twitch and this marathon was its best yet (don’t get me wrong though, it still has a long way to go to truly rival GDQ).

This year was a damn good marathon with a lot of games and categories that GDQ just don’t feature.

Unfortunately they are also severely unbudgeted and as a result their upload time to YouTube is incredibly slow – right now (10th August), there are only 40 videos to watch of the speedruns. So rather than this being a definitive “BEST OF” this is a “best of” of what’s there. Maybe in a month I’ll revisit this post and update it accordingly!

TMNT IV: Turtles In Time by Spiriax

This makes it into my list because it is a genre that I had no idea could be speedrun! The speedtech here is really intelligent and allows the runner to completely ignore some enemies (and progress) as well as stunlock bosses infinitely. It’s a damn good run of a damned good game!

RIse of the Tomb Raider (Race) by  MrTau and Leemyy

I love speedrun races and this one is a really good one, the speedtech on show here and just pure breaking the game to pieces is impressive! The fact that the race is so close too is a real bonus; I had a really good time watching this and I do believe you will too!


Mirrors Edge (Race) by Zooketra & MrWalrus

This was one of the most entertaining runs of the marathon; with supremely good gameplay to boot too! The amount of speed strats and high-level play here was insane (as you expect with the current world record holder on stage) plus they finish within a minute of each other – a bloody brilliant run!

Doom by Heny

This was a bloody good run! The movement required to do some of the tricks on show was really interesting to watch (they have the time down to 33 minutes now), they haven’t broken this game, but they have destroyed it! Every level is skipped from beginning trigger to ending trigger – staggering!

Hotline Miami [NG+ All Levels] by Jackintoshh

I really liked this run because of the sheer amount of skill on show – I struggled with this game for about 12 hours on stream when I played it, so seeing it beaten in less than 30 minutes is crazy! I loved watching this because high-level play is ridiculously entertaining.

Did you watch ESA2017?

What were your favourite runs?

Tell me in the comments/facebook/twitter!


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