Backlog Blitz: July 2017

BacklogHere I am, still catching up with the posts that have eluded me this summer season; I’m so far behind in my posts that even when I do attempt to catch up I make a boo-boo or two and find myself having to rectify them (that’s what I’m going to do in here).

July was a much more successful month for me with gaming; I actually got some done! Although the vast majority of this gaming was done on my VITA; which is still a damn good machine by the way, I did get some PS4 gaming done too. I finally got round to starting and making some solid progress with Rise of the Tomb Raider and I reinstalled The Evil Within (with my eyes set firmly on completing this game after starting it two years ago).

I know that August will definitely have some video gaming time and I can only hope that it is more successful than the two previous months.Regular readers know exactly what’s going on here but for the benefit of new readers, here is a recap of the rules for my backlog blitz:

•I must complete 52 games in 2017

•The games can be ones that I have previously started or have previously completed and they can be on any platform

•Episodic games count as one game per episode

•Lengthy DLC (ie Blood and Wine) count as a game

•Every time I complete a game I give myself a score of +1

•Every time I buy a game I give myself a score of -2

•By the end of the year I must finish with a positive score or I have failed in the Backlog Blitz!

Year Score (So Far) = -14

Games Bought: PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified (actually bought in June) 

Games Completed: Playstation all Stars Battle Royale, Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified

vita bargains.jpgIn early June (I know, I know, I forgot about these) I got a cracking bargain in my local ASDA for my VITA – I bought ‘LEGO Harry Potter’ (LHP) and COD: Declassified for £1.  Although neither are good games the price more than makes them an attractive prospect – I have no regrets about snapping them up.

It transpired that LHP wasn’t actually LHP at all! It was a copy of PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale (PSASBR) – while still not a great game, it’s a better title on VITA than LHP is and it’s actually a title I’ve been meaning to try out ever since it was free on PS Plus some time ago.

Over the course of July I played through PSABR with a number of different characters (starting with my boy Sly Cooper) and the story mode is nothing special at all; the combat is interesting but the game feels like a clone of Super Smash Brothers (which it is). There is nothing here to write home about, but there is also nothing here that is offensive, what is here is a competent fighting game that has a good amount of fan service for those long time PlayStation fans.

Sure the roster is sparse (no Lara and 2 different Cole McGrath characters), the gameplay revolves around use of specials and overall the whole thing is hollow and soulless but it’s well made and enjoyable for a short period of time. As I said, I beat the game 3 times and have not felt any urge to play this game ever again – it’s grand.


Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified got played through to completion in July a well and this one is, well, terrible. The issues are apparent within the first 10 minutes of the very first level, it has the most abrasive auto aim that either works too well (taking out any notion of skill) or not working at all (making you wonder why it’s even in here) – it creates a mistrust between player and game that never goes away because you do not know whether it’s going to be generous to you.

A bigger issue however is the enemy AI; again it either works too well, or it just doesn’t…do…anything…there is one mission that requires you to turn the lights off and use night vision goggles to see the enemy, however they can see you just fine in the dark – what should have been a unique level is exactly the same as the others.

From the ground up this is a terrible game with little to nothing of value; its level structure is somewhat smart and suits handheld gaming (read as they are short levels) but they are all exactly the same, save a few little gimmicks that are used once and forgotten about; there are bugs everywhere, controls are terrible, sound is awful and I could go on (and I will in my review). Do NOT play – this is an awful, awful game that plays and looks like it took a month to make.

It was a good month though, yes I bought two games (in a sense) but I also completed them making the transactions balance themselves out (not really, I’m still -2 down dammit!) – August is another month though….

Year Score (so far): -16 

Are you going through your own backlog?

Having better joy with it than I am?

Tell me your story in the comments!

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