Shadow of War requires an internet connection to play

This week has been a bad one for those of us looking forward to Monolith’s follow-up to their hugely successful 2014 game, Shadow of Mordor. 

Firstly Monolith dropped the bomb that the game will have loot crates (keep in mind it’s a single player only game) which went down as expected (like a lead balloon). Then when the developers were addressing questions from fans on their message board they dropped another, much worse bomb on us all, the game requires an internet connection at all times!

A representative called MonolithJared, in response to a few questions about how the items obtained from these micro transactions (war chests) will be stored for players, put up the following message;

Of course now the Internet is ablaze with people saying they will not buy the game and other such “patented internet responses”.

Personally, I hate microtransactions and intrusive and restrictive DRM and I will try to not support them every chance I get.

This means that I will not be picking up Shadow of War when it releases October 10th. However the wording of Jared’s response leads me to believe that this requirement of being online will be lifted eventually. So I will purchase the game when it is no longer required.


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