PlayStation Plus Games August 2017

PS-Plus-giugnoIt’s that day again; the last Wednesday of the month (again) – which means that Sony announce the games that we’ll get for free as part of our PlayStation Plus subscriptions. And it is a bit of a humdinger (at least for PlayStation 4 owners) with a good selection of AAA games.

Here they are though; the games you’ll be getting on PlayStation Plus August 2017…

…’That’s You’ is still available as a bonus title until October.


Just Cause 3 is a pretty good open world game that reviewed well when it released; many reviews did talk about questionable performance, however there has since then been a hefty patch that has fixed many of the problems (but not all)…

…for the price they’re asking throughout August I’m sure I can look beyond any performance issues and enjoy the game on its own merits.

Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry is a standalone DLC for ‘Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag’ and by all accounts it is meant to be fantastic! I enjoyed Black Flag as much as the next guy and I’ve never played this – I will definitely be diving into this for another fix of pirating adventures with Edward Kenway.


Super Motherload  is a PS4 launch title (that had a simultaneous PS3 release) that reviewed moderately well (slightly above average is the general consensus) on release. It’s a relatively simple game in which you control a digging rover and have to create a successful mining company on Mars – it’s not the deepest game in the world; but hey, it’s free!

Snake Ball is another game that reviewed at slightly above average. It takes the classic ‘Snake’ formula and turns it into a competitive sports title; you will have to avoid and outscore your opponents (up to 8 players online). It looks meh, but again, it’s free.


Downwell is a rogue-like, 2D vertical-scrolling shooter that reviewed incredibly well on its’ release. It looks fantastically frantic and it is a game that I will most definitely be adding to my (overflowing) VITA memory card!

Level 22 is a humourous take on the stealth genre; you play Gary, a man who is chronically late for work – if you’re late once more you will be fired – now you have to help Gary get to his office desk without being spotted. It received mixed reviews but mostly skewing on the positive side – it looks somewhat fun!


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