Games With Gold August 2017


Again, I completely missed the announcement of these titles (and I apparently missed the July announcement completely too) bloody hell! I gotta follow Major Nelson to see when these bad boys get announced (if anyone can help me out on this please tell me in the comments).

Remember to download the free games before July ends (‘Grow Up’, ‘Runbow’, ‘Lego Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days’). but out with the old and in with the new; here’s what will come free with your Xbox Live subscription in August!

It’s a good month all round!

August 1st – 15th will see ‘Slime Rancher’ debuts on the system; which is always great news for gamers. The game itself looks really interesting and not something that is very prevalent on the system – it looks somewhat like a cute ‘No Man’s Sky’ but with gameplay; it’s a very promising addition to anyone’s library at the cost of £0. Better than all this is the fact that it’s available for the entire month.

360 owners (and Xbox One owners via backwards compatibility) will get ‘Bayonetta’ which needs no introduction; but is one of the best action titles on the platform, unbelievable addition!

August 16th – 31st  sees Xbox One owners get ‘Trials Fusion’ for free – this is a great game that is brutally difficult in the later levels but utterly addictive and great fun – if you don’t own this title already, make sure you get on it this month!

Xbox 360 owners will receive ‘Red Faction: Armageddon’ which was a good open world, third-person action game with some excellent destruction tech. Not as good as Bayonetta, but still a good enough game in its’ own right!


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