MrJohnSherry’s Picks from #SGDQ2017

GDQI doubt many of you missed it last week, but it was Summer Games Done Quick – a weeklong marathon that features nonstop speedruns and fundraising for Doctors without borders; and it was the most successful summer marathon ever, raising an eye-watering $1,792,632

Regular readers will know that I am a huge fan of speedruns and GDQ in general, but you may not be aware that Sherry is also a bit of a fan too! Last week we were chatting about the event and we decided to throw together a list each that highlighted our personal favourite runs. It should be noted that our favourites were picked for a number of reasons including (but not limited to);

  • sheer skill in the speedrun
  • entertainment value of the run
  • world record runs
  • we liked the runner
  • we like the game

You can expect my choices in the very near future (whenever I get some time to write it up), so without further ado – here are MrJohnsherry’s favourite runs of the marathon.

Silent Hill 2 by Tekkie

Sherry may be a bit of little wuss when it comes to playing horror games, but he does enjoy watching them immensely! That’s how we find this choice in his selection – it’s a damn fine game to be honest and this run is a stonking choice!

Mirror’s Edge by Blackbeltginganinja

This run was made by the dude on the couch; he was absolutely roasting the runner at every opportunity and it was hilarious to watch. Why was he roasting him? Well, this was a “glitchless” run that took advantage of some glitches, that’s why!

Guacamelee! by Grimelios

In Sherry’s own words this made the cut because “Guaca is just an awesome game – and watching someone who knows it inside out is just really impressive to watch (mainly because I got confused as fuck where I was going half the time when I played it)”.

Classic Sherry

Bleed 2 by Studio

Again in Sherry’s own words this got picked because; “it just literally hypnotised me”, and again it was a bloody brilliant run and a superb choice from the man with booze in his name!

What were your favourite runs?

Tell us in the comments/facebook/twitter!


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