The Last Guardian Thoughts

… Dog-Beasts Are A Mans Best Friend.

Trico and me

I am back! I know I said it last time, but life has been so hectic this summer! I thought it would have giving me more time to dedicate to the blog but instead it has been a giant vacuum sucking up all my free time! I whole-heartedly apologise! Now that is over with, I want to discuss my experience with The Last Guardian. Of course expect spoilers so if you still haven’t played it – I recommend you turn away from this article and go and do so! You have been warned!

Ok, so as most of you know I was really excited when The Last Guardian finally got a release date last year at E3 and while it has been 7 months since it’s initial release I finally got around to purchasing it and playing it the whole way through. It took me about a week playing a couple of hours every day to get through because I am going to be honest – I was very very worried about where the story was taking me.

As a devout lover of all things in the animal kingdom it really felt that while I was spending all this time bonding with Trico, Team ICO were going to pull the rug from under my feet and put me into a pit of despair. I spent an vast amount of time taking photos of me with Trico – just so I could look back at our time together! Thankfully that didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean it still didn’t hit me right in the feels.

After overcoming all of the puzzles scaling this vast impressive looking home for these beasts – and Trico taking an absolute battering and receiving copious amounts of petting by me for his amazing efforts, we got to the summit of their tower which is where it happened. The tower sent out a signal and all the beasts who were still under it’s control came and attacked Trico! My Trico! I watched in horror as they tore at his body trying to think of a way to help him – just like the way he saved my ass multiple times.

The relief I felt when we finally defeated them and Trico began moving again is something I have never felt before while playing a game. It felt a bit like the ending of The Last of Us, where as I hoped for the best but totally feared the worst. The ending scene when Trico used the last of the strength to bring me back to my village before escaping the crowd baying for his blood – I teared up. Then when one of the villagers said “Don’t worry, he doesn’t have much more strength. He will be dead soon.” My heart sank again. After all of that – after all he had done for me, he was just going to die in the woods, all alone, with no-one there to comfort him.

I sat there watching the credits, watching the set piece memories from the play through just thinking of him. It sounds really stupid thinking about it, but the AI for Trico is in my honest opinion – unparalleled. He acted, thought and behaved like a real animal would. Sure, there was times when I was like “JUST COME HERE YOU STUPID DOG THING!” but that is how an animal works in real life. They take time to process your instructions until they trust you whole heartedly.

At the end of the credits the bonus scene rolled, The camera soars through the sky and we end up in the cave where our journey began. And there in the darkness you see a set of glowing eyes (and horns if you hold down the O button!) This was Trico, my Trico! Safe and sound. And then, you hear like a baby animal noise, and a smaller set of eyes appear in the darkness then we cut to black. He survived!! Not only that, but he has thrived and is now rebuilding his animals population! It was an amazing moment.

After nearly 10 years of waiting, I can put my hand on my heart and say – it was definitely worth the wait and then some. This game made me feel thing I have never felt before in gaming. From just petting Trico to solving puzzles together – we bonded like you would any household pet. A bizarre and surreal experience that I can’t wait to replay. I miss my Trico!

Now, if you will excuse me, I am off to source and buy a Trico plushie!


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