Playstation plus games: July 2017

IMG_3469Well that’s it; we are officially half way through the year and it has been an amazing 6 months for all gamers! Every major console manufacturer had a good E3 and the future looks fantastic for everyone.

Speaking of the future, Sony announced the PlayStation Plus games for July today and it is a damn good month! Brilliant even! PS4

Game of Thrones – A Telltale series (season pass): Another episodic game makes its way into PS Plus and this time it’s from the masters of the genre! This reviewed averagely when it first released but it does have its fans that swear by it! But as a fan of the the TV series (which is due back in little over a week) now is the perfect time to play it.

I’ll be diving in that’s for sure!

Until Dawn: is one of my favourite gaming experiences this generation; and a real sleeper hit for Sony and SuperMassive Games! If you haven’t played this game, you know what to do!

Maybe MrJohnSherry will even get his physical copy back!

That’s You: Fresh from its unveiling at E3 is harmless fun looking Playlink game that revolves around quiz questions and selfies! How 21st century!

I’ll give it a tickle come July 4th!


Tokyo Jungle: is a survival game in which the player must build up a pack of animals in order to survive a desolate Tokyo.

A game that reviewed all over the place on release but now has a vocal cult following – worth a download even if it is out of curiosity!

Darkstalkers Resurrection: is the latest instalment of the hugely popular fight game series. Resurrection reviewed incredibly high when it released and by all accounts is an excellent game!

Definitely going to download this one!


Don’t die Mr Robot: is a bullet hell, short burst arcade game that reviewed well and sounds like a great little handheld game!

Again, it’ll be downloaded!

Element4l: another well reviewed game! Elemental is a platformer at its core here but it’s one with a twist; you must change form in order to progress.

It’s got a beautiful art style and it apparently flows like few other games! I’m in!


2 thoughts on “Playstation plus games: July 2017

  1. Shame PS4 isn’t backwards compatible as I’d love to try Tokyo Jungle. Already Until Dawn but I loved it all the same and I have no interest in Game of Thrones. Bit of a bust for me this month!


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