My picks from e3 2017 

IMG_3433Here it is folks, my game picks from E3 2017! Prepare to be excited and prepare to be disappointed because I know for a fact there’ll be people in both camps!

I can’t please you all, and to be honest – I’m not even going to try!

This list is based entirely off my own personal taste; so, if you want to flame them, please do it in the comments or @me on twitter! I will try to better justify my choices if you can give me a succinct reason why you disagree with them being on my list!

Let the fun begin.

Spiderman (PS4)

This game looks bloody incredible – from the graphics, the web-swinging, the varied action and the subtle comedy in the dialogue; this looks to be THE definitive Spiderman game.

Sure, there is the reliance on QTE events in the big massive set-pieces but Insomniac has gone on record and said that these are literally only for the cinematic set-pieces and that there is “a lot” of game here too – I have no issue with that at all, it sounds like the way Sony Santa Monica approached God of War for all those years.

I cannot wait until 2018 to get my hands on this; who knows it might even be the game that makes me buy a PS4 PRO.

Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

Another hugely polished Nintendo title that looks to be more inventive than everything Sony & Microsoft showed combined!

The new gimmick here is the fact that Mario can aggressively control the body of absolutely every enemy, those humans walking around New Donk City and even a mother fudging T-Rex! Holy crap it just looks fun and I want it – even though I am NO Mario fan!

Well Done Nintendo!

Metro Exodus (Xbox One X)

Metro looked incredible! It was one of the few games that showed off exactly what the One X is all about; from large, semi-free roaming levels to the large-scale enemies and particle effects this was truly a stand out game from the Microsoft conference. Sure, it’s from an established franchise and that might disappoint some (I have no idea why) but I am stoked to see how this one turns out in the end.

I hope it’s not an Xbox exclusive though; it doesn’t seem to be…

The Inpatient (PSVR)

Supermassive Games have proven to be a real asset to Sony; especially in the realm of VR – Rush of Blood is still one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in my headset and I have never been so excited to see their next game, the fact that it is a prequel to Until Dawn just makes me even more excited.

I cannot wait to get the hell scared out of me for a couple of hours; again!

Assassins Creed Origins (Multi)


Just wow! This looks like the game we all thought the original AC was going to be. It has gorgeous graphics, a great setting, new innovations in the game and it just looks to be Ubisoft doing things right. I love the bow and arrow, the eagle scouting and just everything that I have seen so far, and to think I was worried when they announced Egypt as the setting as I thought it would look drab and somewhat boring – the scope here for story-telling is limitless! I am excite!

That two-year gap looks to have done wonders for this series and I only hope it plays as good as it looks; wake me up when this releases.

The Crew 2 (multi)

Ubisoft had a killer line-up this year and I was not expecting this at all!

The Crew is, in my opinion, one of the most under-rated games this generation; most people wrote it off after a poor BETA (myself included to an extent) but what it became was a damned good Arcade racer with an incredible open-world and some fantastic multiplayer modes. This sequel is taking what was there and ramping it up to the next level – boats and planes will open more opportunities for gameplay and mission variety!

Again, wake me up when it lands!

Hidden Agenda (PS4)

Another fantastic looking game from those at SuperMassive Games – these guys are swiftly becoming one of my favourite developers.

This time though it’s a game for the quietly announced PlayLink – it is basically an interactive movie that the “players” make decisions on their smart phone that shape how the story will play out. It sounds quite boring but SuperMassive’s Until Dawn had plenty of streams like this and it was fantastic; it turns gaming into a social experience and makes it incredibly fun, especially for those who want to sabotage the protagonist (or other players!)

It’s an experiment that I really want to pay off – MrsLuvva is no gamer, but she loves watching me play story driven games and always says she wished I could skip the gameplay sections and continue the story. This is right up her street…

…a big high-five to SuperMassive Games!

What are your picks from E3?

Do you disagree with my picks?

Tell me in the comments!


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