Ubisoft E3 Conference Predicitons


So far we have had EA, Microsoft, Bethesda and Devolver Digital wow the world with their new gaming news. Well, some more than others anyway! Devolver Digital have so far stolen this years E3 – seriously, if you haven’t watched it yet , you can do so right now by clicking right here! Next up on the agenda, Ubisoft. So what can we expect from Ubi this year?

Well just like EA they have their usual suspects such as Just Dance, Assassins Creed and games already announced such as The Crew 2 and Far Cry 5. But they always drop a megaton right at the end, so what else could they be hiding up their sleeves? Let’s have a guessing session!

prince of persia

Guess #1 – Prince of Persia – OK, maybe a far reaching prediction considering they have an assassins creed game coming out set in Ancient Egypt but I think there is quite a wide berth in terms of game play between the two to justify both of their existences. We also haven’t had a PoP title since 2010 so it is probably time that this once great gaming series get’s another outing!


Guess #2 – New content for Steep and The Division – probably a giving but with Ubisofts recent announcement that all of their games going forward will be focusing on live gaming then I think it makes a lot of sense to support there games which already comprise this value. Steep has recently got a new expansion so maybe it won’t show up but I think it is a giving we will get a Year 2 trailer for The Division.

Splinter Cell

Guess #3 – A new Splinter Cell – giving the news a few weeks back that Ubisoft had re-trademarked the Splinter Cell name I think it is 90% likely we will see Sam stalking through the venting systems once again. Once a proud gaming series it fell on some hard times with some lackluster title but if done right – this will be a massive hitter!

Like always, I like to throw in a wildcard guess, so this is what I have come up with for Ubisoft!


Wildcard – Beyond Good and Evil 2 – fans have been clamouring for it for many many years now, and I will always be expecting them to drop this at some stage within the next couple of years. With Sony bringing back Crash Bandicoot I think it is time to hit gamers with some more nostalgic titles and Beyond Good and Evil definitely falls into this category!

Ubisofts press conference is tonight at 9pm BST.

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